Kogi Bulgogi Introduces the Tasty KPOP Chicken

When was the last time you ate at a Kogi Bulgogi branch? I have my personal favorites in their menu and discovered another one!

Kogi's delicious Kimchi
Kogi Bulgogi now has its own version of the juicy, crunchy and tasty Korean Fried Chicken. At Kogi, you just say KPOP Chicken (short for Korea's popular chicken) and they'll serve you with this tasty dish available in two flavors.

KPOP Chicken Sweet Soy flavor
I tried both Sweet Soy and Spicy Soy and both are lip-smacking tasty! Served with sweet or spicy sauce sprinkled with sesame seeds and chopped green onions, these chicken pieces are crispy outside and juicy inside. You may want to partner them with Kogi's Kimchi Rice or the Bibimbap for a fully satisfying meal! 

KPOP Chicken Spicy Soy flavor
Trivia: Kogi's KPOP Chicken is also known as Yangnyeom chicken in Korean, a dish prepared Korean-style that is often served at home but is also available in bars or eaten as snacks after meals in Korea.

Although there are only two versions at the moment, Kogi says the KPOP Chicken will eventually have more unique flavors as well as various spice levels to choose from. 

There are lots of other dishes you may want to order when dining at Kogi Bulgogi. My constant favorite there is the Japchae while my hubby is a big fan of the Kimchi. Please check out my other blog post to see more dishes to choose from.

Yomamte strawberry frozen yogurt bar -- another must-try at Kogi!
For now, make sure to visit a Kogi Bulgogi branch soon to have a bite of the KPOP Chicken. It sells at P125 for 4 pcs, P185 for 6 pcs, and P365 for 12 pcs. Another good news is that customers can ask for a combination of flavors per order!

inside Kogi Bulgogi Gateway Mall branch
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