Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hindy Weber Tantoco and Maxie Abad: Pharmaton Life Chargers

Successful people have two top things in common – passion and commitment. And these are brought about by what inspires them whether it is a great desire to fulfill a dream, a longing to bring about change, or a great love for family or country.

Individuals who have already identified their sources of inspiration are likely to be more driven in the pursuit of their goals and go as far as pushing limits to make things happen. 

In our case, my husband and I wake up each morning determined to work doubly hard for our family so that our kids get the education they need to help them become successful adults in the future. We also make sure that we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor by budgeting for outings that further strengthen our bond as a family.

This year, Multivitamins + Minerals + Deanol + Ginseng Extract (Pharmaton) recognizes people who are inspired by their passion to create a positive change in the country and wishes to support them and promote their undertaking. 

Last March, the first two Pharmaton Life Chargers were introduced. Hindy Weber Tantoco and Maxie Abad are individuals committed to a vision and are driven by the desire to raise the quality of life for themselves and for others. More importantly, they have the sustained energy to live out their passions and thereby, create positive change.

Hindy has been an icon in the fashion industry, a mother of four, and acknowledged for promoting a holistic way of life through Holy Carabao Farms and Balik Bukid in Sta. Elena, Laguna where she is in-charge of Creative Direction and Marketing.

She shares that her inspirations are her children and nature -- two of the most beautiful things in life. Her dream of simply wanting to put better food on the table for her kids gave birth to their holistic, biodynamic farm that is now a thriving business.

Personally, I admire her for choosing to do organic farming as I also advocate for healthy and natural food. With her, picking out fresh vegetables for making smoothies comes as naturally as walking around the farm with her children. 

This young-looking mom is likewise driven to uplift the lives of others. For more than a decade now, her work in fashion allows her to bring more beauty outward. And with her involvement in organic food and farming, she helps other people feel better inward because of the food they eat. 

Maxie, on the other hand, is a lawyer, a triathlete, a former player of the Philippine National Football Team and founder of Manila Soccer Academy (MSA). He is also married and a father to three sons. 

His love for football started at an early age which gets him to reminisce on his days whenever he sees the kids he coaches having fun on the field. Maxie coined “Passion for football”, words that are sewn in the jerseys of MSA coaches intended to inspire the kids when they train. He believes that when one is inspired, passion will come and everyday, one can find something that ignites it. Now that is a beautiful outlook!

1996 ASEAN Football Championship, Singapore
It’s moreover inspiring to discover that even in his Legal Counsel get-up, this enthusiastic coach can  encourage an audience to try a few basic football drills! After all, with his vast experience as Captain of the Philippine National Football Team and his participation in high-level competitions, it’s not surprising that Maxie can talk about his career in football with great flair. 

Hindy and Maxie are admirable for managing their busy schedules well while maintaining the quality of life they want. They both let Pharmaton complement their healthy eating and exercise. As Maxie affirms, “what you put in, you get out.” Being an athlete, he sees the value in getting support from Pharmaton for physical and mental activities. Hindy adds that no matter how good the food we eat is, there are still environmental, emotional and mental stresses we encounter. One has to have really good energy or “life force,” as she calls it, for busy days with the family and at work. 

These Life Chargers acknowledge the boost in energy that they get from Pharmaton, giving them the lasting vitality needed to live out their passions and stay committed to their visions. They likewise express their appreciation with Pharmaton for giving recognition to their work and their desire for positive change.

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