Monday, March 17, 2014

Rexona Unveils Summer 2014 Campaign Theme Song “Do the Moves” Featuring Sarah Geronimo, Apl De Ap, Enrique Gil, and Elmo Magalona

Teenagers these days are very enthusiastic in keeping up with the trends and being in tune to everything that’s happening around them. They are very energetic and are always ready to charge into their next adventures.

To maintain confidence the whole day, though, teens need to stay fresh to do more and this is what Rexona is encouraging individuals to do. After all, being confident can be affected by growing pains and battling insecurities.

Mar Corazo, Rexona brand manager, shared they wanted to impart the importance of daily hygiene to teens in a fun and exciting way. Thus, they came up with the Do More summer campaign that features a catchy tune.

The appealing song, which has been playing on radio and music channels, was magnified tenfold when Rexona launched the single during a recent mall event, hosted by fashion blogger Laureen Uy and MYX VJ Chino Lui Pio, held at the New Glorietta Activity Center in Makati and featuring Rexona’s Do More endorsers.

Sarah Geronimo, Enrique Gil, and Elmo Magalona got the crowd screaming with excitement when they started dancing with The Philippine All Stars on stage to the tune of Do The Moves, the song that also feature Apl de Ap who was not able to make it to the event.

“Song and dance is always a good way to appeal to teens, especially with the rising popularity of dance music,” explained Corazo. “It’s a really fun and upbeat song that, I hope, will get people dancing and encourage them to Do the Moves and Do More.”

Sarah, Apl, Enrique, and Elmo – all role models to teenagers today – aim to encourage people to join the movement by dancing, expressing themselves, and doing more. This is very timely as it is a good way to keep teens active this summer, away from sedentary activities like watching TV or playing on the computer all day.

Using dance as a vehicle to drive a strong commitment to proper personal care, Rexona created fun dance choreography, which the endorsers described as “pa-simple moves”, that can be done to subtly check their underarms if they are dry and fresh.

Along with this initiative, Rexona will also be launching the country’s biggest Teen Dance Competition, which will have on-going dance tours, an audition process, elimination rounds, and a finale scheduled to happen in July.

The Do More endorsers believe in honing the passions of young people that can serve as inspirations to be more confident about themselves. Reaching one’s goals and dreams needs self-expression in whatever form. For Sarah, it is exciting to collaborate with Rexona because she shares the brand’s values and advocacies.

Unbeatable protection from sweat and odor is now made easier by Rexona so you can always Do More with confidence. Let nothing hold you back from clean, good fun with the barkada this summer! Enjoy the school break kids! :)

* Check out more photos taken during the event, here

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