Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kim Jones and Neutrogena Team Up for Beautifully Healthy Skin

There are many beauty myths that a lot of women still believe today. For instance, some say that when facial skin is dry and squeaky to the touch, it is a sign that a facial cleanser is effective. Not so, said Ella Reyes-David, Neutrogena brand manager, during a recent affair held in Marriott Hotel Manila.  

Dr. Mendoza, Kim Jones, and Ms. Reyes-David
She explained that this kind of dryness is not actually a good sign that the skin is clean. "In reality, it jut means that your facial wash is stripping your skin of moisture," revealed Reyes-David who added that, "Many Filipino women believe in tiis ganda, making it acceptable for them to go through skin irritation and discomfort in the name of beauty."

This led Neutrogena to launch a new beauty philosophy spreading the message that healthy is the new beauty. The event was hosted by Filipino-British TV host and social media celebrity Kim Jones, who is also the brand's new ambassador.  "Neutrogena is a brand I grew up with," she confided. "I've been using it for about 10 years now and to be part of the brand is just a dream come true." 

Neutrogena ambassador Kim Jones
Reyes-David affirmed that Jones indeed embodies the personality of the brand. "The Neutrogena woman is naturally beautiful, optimistic, and upbeat. Kim is all that, and more, which is why we're very happy to have her onboard," she shared. "As an actual brand user, she accurately represents the beautifully healthy skin that Neutrogena advocates."

Jones, who is often exposed to harsh lights and heavy layers of make-up as an on-cam personality in a local lifestyle show on cable TV admitted that she spends long hours in taping, "so you can imagine the touch-ups. It really takes a toll on my skin."

We tried Neutrogena's Deep Clean Cleanser and it removed mascara
faster and more thoroughly than another unnamed brand
To keep her skin healthy, Jones uses Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleanser and keeps herself hydrated. On work-free days, she also likes being make-up free. "What I love about Neutrogena is that it's very simple, and it's really beneficial for your skin. But it should be a complement to more important skincare habits like drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated."

Likewise, sun protection is a must for Jones as she regularly goes surfing with her fiancé, actor Jericho Rosales. "Applying sun screen is really a big part of my skincare regimen," she described. "Other than that, I do the normal things like cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. I'm very minimal. I try to keep my skin sort of exposed so it can breathe."

Products from the brand's skincare range include the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel, a water- and gel-based moisturizer that instantly hydrates, and helps soothe and calm skin leaving it soft, supple, and oil-free. It is made with a combination of Olive extract and Hyaluronic acid that allows it to provide up to 200 percent hydration, plus a Progressive Release System that keeps skin hydrated for up to 12 hours.

Ultra Sheer is Neutrogena's powerful solution to sun protection. It has Dry Touch technology that does not leave a sticky white film or residue upon application. It is also water- and sweat-proof, non-greasy, and leaves a light velvety feel. With SPF 50, this sun protection range has specific variants available for face and body. 

In addition, Ultra Sheer has Helioplex, Neutrogena's patented and breakthrough sun protection technology complex that delivers very high, broad, and photostable UV protection to provide users with full coverage for UVA/UVB spectrum by harnessing two proven safe and effective sun screens: Avobenzone and Oxybenzone.

According to Dr. Clarisse Mendoza, guest dermatologist during the launch, these two are good UVA and UVB absorbers that, "together with Helioplex's stabilizing technology, provide high, broad spectrum and photostable coverage."

For women who aspire to have beautifully healthy skin, Jones advised to find balance between a healthy lifestyle and the right skincare brand. "Skincare is important but that's not all of it. Beauty really does come from within. It will resonate from your personality, your level of fitness, your health, and even your eating habits," she pointed out. "All those should be part of your overall beauty regimen." 

Later this year, Neutrogena will be launching the Fine Fairness moisturizer, a water-based gel cream that combines Vitamin C and Hexinol to reveal beautifully healthy and fairer skin in just three weeks.

As part of Neutrogena's campaign for beautifully healthy skin, you can view three online videos featuring Jones on that debunks common beauty myths. You can also purchase products online via and log on to for more information.

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