Did you know that 9 out of 10 Filipinos suffer from "pangingilo" (sensitive teeth) and majority just endure this kind of pain? 

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), in collaboration with the Philippine Dental Association (PDA) and advocate Luis Manzano, embarks on a mission to fight against sensitive teeth in the "Say No to Ngilo" campaign. This commitment is not just merely to spread information but also takes proactive efforts to improve oral health care in the country. 

In fact, 2,000 dentists have committed to fight against dentine hypersensitivity through educating their patients on proper oral hygiene and using effective tools to combat this daily discomfort. 

Jeoffrey Yulo, Consumer Healthcare General Manager of GSK Philippines affirmed during a press conference held in Makati Shangri-la Hotel, that through their toothpaste brand, Sensodyne, GSK has provided solutions to Filipinos for sensitive teeth. "Sensodyne is the most recommended brand by dentists for pangingilo," he affirmed. "In GSK's commitment to make every Filipino sensitivity-free, [we are launching] Sensodyne sachets for only P10 to drive accessibility and affordability for the solution to pangingilo."

The Philippines is the first country in the world where Sensodyne is introducing the sachet format. Yulo explained that this development is significant because GSK is confident that the country is an important emerging market. "And this will definitely encourage more Filipinos to proactively manage their sensitive teeth and say no to ngilo."

Dr. Andy Fernandez, President of the PDA, said Filipinos do not get to enjoy their favorite food and drinks nor fully enjoy eating with their family and friends because they simply endure the pain brought about by sensitive teeth. "As a dentist, I am concerned with how pangingilo affects my patients' lives," he shared. "This year, I am renewing my commitment to fight against pangingilo. Let's all take part as we build a stronger force against sensitive teeth. It is time for every Filipino to 'Say No to Ngilo!'"

Present during the event was Luis Manzano who used to suffer from sensitive teeth and whose enjoyment of social interactions have been cut short because of pangingilo. "When I started using Sensodyne, it made a big difference in my life! I don't worry anymore about my sensitive teeth when I interact with people. Now, I get to enjoy my favorite drinks along with everyone else and I could eat anything I want. No more pagtitiis, no more pangingilo!"

Aside from partnership with dentists, Sensodyne is extending its call to Filipinos nationwide to join and pledge to a ngilo-free life. Sensodyne offers a range of specifically formulated toothpastes, toothbrushes, and floss. The toothpaste contain different active ingredients, which include Potassium Nitrate for the base range that depolarizes the nerve and protects it from firing to progressively reduce the pain of sensitivity, and Strontium Acetate for Sensodyne Rapid Relief, to help prevent the flow of fluid within the tubules that would otherwise cause the tooth pain.

Sensodyne Repair & Protect, on the other hand, contains the advanced NovaMin breakthrough technology which is scientifically proven to help repair sensitive teeth/pangingilo by forming a tooth-like layer over exposed dentine to help continually repair and protect sensitive areas.

So, whether your pangingilo is chronic and painful, or just an infrequent tooth pain, there is a Sensodyne variant that's right for you. For more product information, please log on to sensodyne.com.ph

It is always a pleasure to watch a live theater show but it is definitely a doubly rare treat to catch scenes from behind the set and the curtains. In Repertory Philippines’ hilarious production Noises Off, audiences get to have a glimpse of what goes on when the actors are not performing in front of people. 

Actors are humans, too, after all and they have complicated lives like we all do. Of course, on stage, they’d be assuming the persona of whatever character they’re playing. But once they step out of the limelight, they would have to return to their true selves and deal with their personal problems.

Noises Off is a play within a play. The characters are cast members who are starring in a play called Nothing On. Apart from the play, they are individuals who have complicated relationships with some members of the group. 

The funny (and perhaps tragic) thing is, despite the conflicts, angst, and many other problems backstage, the show must go on and everyone is expected to deliver good performances.

The play within a play starts by showing audiences how Nothing On is supposed to run in between cuts from director Lloyd Dallas (Chinggoy Alonzo) who struggles with his cast of tired and frustrated actors. The play, which unfortunately is not very good, involves tax evasion, a Sheikh, and several plates of sardines. 

Lloyd’s problems involve leading actress Dotty Otley (Frances Makil Ignacio) who always gets the blocking wrong, the argumentative Garry Lejeune (Lorenz Martinez) with whom Dotty is in a relationship with, the alcoholic Selsdon Mowbray (Paul Holme) who seems to always go missing, senior actor Frederick Fellowes (Gerard Sison) whose wife has just left him, and young actress Brooke Ashton (Carla Guevara-Laforteza) who is always losing her contact lenses.

To make matters worse, Lloyd is having an affair with both Brooke and the assistant stage manager Poppy (Peachy Atilano). As the rehearsal continues, audiences get to know more about the characters and their idiosyncrasies as secrets and dilemmas are revealed to bring on quarrels, tears, and even nosebleeds!

Act 2 takes place backstage before and during the performance. This is where things really get hilarious. I can’t remember how many times we all laughed out loud and found ourselves with wiping our tears from too much merriment. I think many of us literally almost rolled off our seats from watching the show deteriorate while backstage action became a series of mishaps no thanks to spiteful pranks that made all hell break loose. 

Watching Rep’s excellent cast do the motions of choreographed chaos was amazing. They all have perfect comedic timing even without having to say anything. You guys must watch to see what I am talking about. I am positive that you, too, would be telling all your friends and family to come see Noises Off because it is something that is too good to miss!

In Act 3, the set is once more facing audiences and Nothing On is on its last leg of performances. Stage manager Tim (Nico Dans) starts the act by announcing that the show will be slightly delayed as we hear people screaming and fighting backstage.

Once the curtains are lifted, Dotty enters limping and sporting a leg cast all the while getting her lines and blocking wrong. Things get more shoddy when everybody continue to make mistakes, try to cover for them by changing parts of the play, and eventually making everything worse. 

How did it end? You have to find out for yourself :) 

Kudos to Miguel V. Faustmann and assistant director Robbie Guevara for excellently directing the fantastic cast. Each one had a time to shine on stage and establish his/her character such that audiences are not confused when they’re acting in Nothing On or acting as the actors of the play within a play.

Michael Frayn did such a brilliant job writing Noises Off. It is one of the theater productions that I would remember for a long time because it tickled my funny bone big time. I’m giving it 5 stars out of 5!

Catch Noises off from March 28 to April 27, 2014. It will definitely brighten your day and make you forget your worries for a couple of hours. Show times are at 3:30PM and 8:00PM. 

For more details of the show, you may contact Rep at 843-3570 or 555-0082, e-mail shows@repertoryphilippines.com or log on to http://www.repertoryphilippines.com

Tickets are available through Ticketworld at 891-9999, or via http://www.ticketworld.com.ph/

* To see more photos taken during the press preview, please view this Facebook album

I've been using CreamSilk since I was very young but it still took me by surprise when I found out that the brand is already celebrating its 30th year this 2014! Time does fly very fast!

To commemorate the significant milestone, CreamSilk held a big anniversary bash at Puerta Real in Intramuros, Manila the other night. It was a star-studded affair as big names in the showbiz, modeling, sports, and publication industries came to grace the event.

Toni Gonzaga wasn't able to make it but her two fellow endorsers Heart Evangelista and Sam Pinto were there in their beautiful dark pink gowns. The night was still young when Anne Curtis was revealed as CreamSilk's latest endorser. The popular young actress was also dressed in pink and showed off her beautifully long shiny hair. 

CreamSilk also presented 150 Filipino women chosen by fashion magazines Cosmopolitan, Metro, Look, Mega, and Preview. The reveal was quite impressive. All the ladies who stood on stage were gorgeously decked in various gowns. I only know several of them, though, but I guess each one has an inspiring story to tell.

photo borrowed from Ria of the SugarSmile blog
My sincerest congratulations to CreamSilk for 30 years of helping the Filipina have beautiful hair every day! 

Busy people need efficient gadgets that don't necessarily have to take up a lot of space and weight. Yesterday, Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO), a leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies announced their latest line of tablets that combine the productivity of a PC and the ease of a tablet.

The launch, held at Prohibition in Greenbelt 3, Makati was very creative. Samsung staged a short play mimicking the hit TV series The Apprentice. There, Sam YG acted as the boss who was searching for the perfect candidate. Three talented (and very funny!) actors from the stage theater industry "applied" for the job by showing their "ideas" about the best way to maximize a tablet. 

What's great about the applicants' entertaining presentations was that we all got to be more familiar with what the Samsung Galaxy PRO Series can do and those were really impressive. For instance, they can act as an extension of one's desktop using the Remote PC feature, which is ideal for today's modern trailblazers and innovators who take their work wherever they go. 

The PRO Series comes in 12.2-inch and 8.4-inch variants. Both deliver a progressive, productive, proactive, and professional experience that sets a new standard for tablets in the market today. They boast of a WQXGA Display with 4 million pixels that offer crystal clear resolution.

The 12.2-inch tablet features a new way to maximize its game-changing screen size through the introduction of the enhanced Multi-Window feature, allowing users to open four app windows at once. Now that's productivity at its finest!

In addition, the Hancom Office Suite app included in the PRO Series tablets allows users to create, edit, and access documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on the go. It is available as a free download from the Samsung Apps Store for the PRO Series. A multi-function S Pen is, of course, included for that enhanced method of input. 

Get ahead of the game! Let one of the Samsung Galaxy PRO Series tablets, and their very useful features, be your perfect companion to make work feel like play!

This March 28, Colgate Fresh Confidence is launching songs by some of the Philippines' hottest OPM artists at the SM North EDSA Skydome

The unique songs are the result of collaborations with fans of Callalily, Chicosci, Gracenote, and Abra. The artists shared melodies and lyrics on their social media sites and fans got to complete the them by sending lyrics using the hashtag #ColgateFreshJam.

All four will perform the songs, and more, this March 28 starting 6PM at a concert hosted by MYX VJ Nikki Gil

Tonight until tomorrow, Write, Breathe, Live is giving away five (5) VIP passes (take note: not general admission) to a lucky reader. Follow me on Twitter @ruthfloresca so I can DM you if you win, and tweet this:

"Let's watch (name of the OPM artist you want to see) at the #ColgateFreshJam via @ruthfloresca http://bit.ly/1jGMJ7F!" and tag one, two, or more friends as Twitter space would allow. 

Artists' twitter accounts: @callalilyband @wearechicosci @gracenote6 @ABRAOFFICIAL

Since the concert is already this Friday night, this blog giveaway will end at 8AM of March 27 (Thursday) so we can still have time to send you the passes to your mailing address (Metro Manila ONLY). I will announce who won around 9AM. Please check if you you're the winner so you can send me your address ASAP. There is also the option of picking up the passes in an office in Bonifacio Global City in case you're near the area. If not, you will receive the passes on Friday afternoon at the latest. 

One winner, will get five VIP passes for him/herself and his/her friends. Sounds good? Start tweeting now! :) 

Edit - March 27: Congratulations @RDzeroeight for winning 5 VIP passes! I will contact you via Twitter ...

Did you know that 99 percent of all registered businesses in the Philippines fall under the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) category and that they employ 70 percent of our labor force? It's not surprising that PLDT SME Nation consider SMEs as the backbone of our economy. 

According to PLDT, 75 percent of businesses agree that faster broadband helps them achieve their business priorities. It enhances customer service, cuts costs, and improves products and services. They also get to work faster, acquire more business partners, improve business intelligence, and maximize the Cloud in their daily work.

Last Thursday, PLDT SME Nation and Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO) unveiled another partnership at 71 Gramercy through their future-ready solutions for SMEs. These feature an array of high speed myDSL Biz broadband packages and flexible cloud bundles with newer and sexier Samsung gadgets. The two companies offer customized solutions to empower entrepreneurs to collaborate, create, and work on the cloud.

PLDT Vice President and Head of SME Nation Kat Luna-Abelarde affirmed that their partnership with Samsung brings significant benefits to their SME market. "It is one of the most powerful synergies in the industry of providing a premium internet connection from the top service provider, combined with cloud enabled devices, from the most popular and innovative electronics company."

The partnership encourages owners to take their businesses to the next level via easy access to fast and reliable internet connectivity with speeds of up to 15 mpbs, committed information rate, and static IPs, complemented with superior and flexible Samsung gadgets to optimize productivity.

There are six (6) bundles offered by PLDT and Samsung, which gives SMEs more options to select their bandwidth requirements, starting from 4 up to 15 mbps with rates of P4,000 to P25,000 per month, along with choices from an array of Samsung gadgets.

The basic packages are: the Elite Bundle, which gives entrepreneurs an option among the Samsung 3-in-1 WiFi laser printer, UPS, or hard drive; and Max Bundle, with a choice between a Samsung Chromebook or Galaxy Tab 3.7.

Higher bandwidth packages, on the other hand, provide businesses a wider range of office equipment and gadgets. The Max Plus Bundle has a choice from the IP cam, Samsung 3-in-1 WiFi laser printer, UPS, or hard drive, and a Samsung Chromebook or Galaxy Tab 3.7. Another option would be to pair the Chromebook or Tab with a Website Builder Bundle or Cloud Storage Bundle.

Meanwhile, the Max Turbo Bundle allows businesses to pick from Samsung's 32-inch WiFi Smart TV, Large Format Display, or the Note 10.1, and an IP cam, Samsung 3-in-1 WiFi laser printer, UPS, or hard drive. They can also opt to pair the Cloud Storage Bundle with an IP cam, laser printer, UPS, or hard drive.

All these flexible bundles and customizable solutions are geared towards promoting success in any business venture. Don't let yours get left behind. Be a future-ready SME now! Get more information by logging on to www.pldtsme-nation.com.ph or calling 101-888.

A different kind of candy needs a different kind of leading man! This is why Mentos Philippines signed up Matteo Guidicelli to star in a uniquely entertaining online experience that shows Matteo's multi-faceted persona.

The Filipino-Italian award-winning actor, athlete, and all-around heartthrob is not one to shy away from stuff that may make other run-of-the-mill young stars to take a step back. Matteo is all about pushing the limits in pursuit of his passions. After all, he has proven a lot these past few years that he can take on challenging acting roles, break records on a racing circuit, and join extreme sports like the XTERRA Off-Road Triathlon Global Championships.

This 2014, the buzz-worthy dreamboat shows different sides of him that people may already be aware of, but haven't seen firsthand. In the Mentos Strawberry Mix Thrillogy, Matteo showcases what he has to offer to win the "girl of his dreams" with the help of two funny accomplices sporting strawberry heads. These Mentos Strawberry Hitmen make the ideal quirky allies on the following out-of-the-box adventures.

If you grew up playing Nintendo, you'll have a nice time remembering games like the Mario Brothers in The Thrill of the Chase video where you'll see Matteo's active, energetic side as he shows off his Action Star persona. Watch him do everything he could to earn honorary stuntman stripes and get a refreshing kick from a Sour Strawberry dragee inside Mentos Strawberry Mix.

With his Italian roots, Matteo easily manifested his romantic side in The Thrill of Declaring Your Love as he recites poetry with his adorable accent like a true Italian Lover who is as irresistible as the full flavor of Sweet Vanilla.   

For the ladies who prefer beaus who are more straightforward, Matteo steps up for the role in The Thrill of Being Real as the Boy Next Door whose charisma is evident sans the frills. His down-to-earth appeal will most likely win you over like the uncomplicated delightfulness of the Classic Strawberry flavor.

Girls will definitely find the guy they're looking for in one of those videos. After all, why settle for the ordinary if you can triple the thrill? As Mentos has been telling us all these years, try to get a kick out of the simplest things and take a chance every day to live out loud and live fresh!

Catch all three webisodes of the Mentos Strawberry Mix Thrillogy on www.facebook.com/MentosPhilippines.

* Mentos is a Perfetti Van Melle product -- the European company that stamps the flavor of fun in other famous brands like Fruittella, Smint, Alpenliebe, and Chupa Chups.

** Click here to see more photos taken during the #MentosStrawberryMix #MentosThrillogy #triplethrill event

Students need a creative output to enhance their skills. At the Center for Culinary Arts (CCA, Manila), this concern was addressed through the launch of its online publication called CuiScene, which aims to encourage interactive campus-based food journalism in its students.

CuiScene e-magazine marks another groundbreaking moment for CCA. "It's an online publication that's geared towards CCA students, and it is also open to the public," explains Anne Certeza Palmares, editor-in-chief. "It serves as a creative output and nurturing ground for our students' writing skills, as well as facilitate other artistic passions and inclinations besides food, such as photography."  

Anne Palmares, Susana Guerrero, Melissa Sison
Palmares adds  that the blogsite helps in educating everyone about leading healthy lifestyles through green living. The e-magazine from the Cravings Group seeks to catalyze culinary students to campus life and learning via interactive and highly informative contents. CuiScene also aims to build a stronger campus community among students and faculty in all CCA schools through online media.

Through the e-magazine, students get to be acquainted with various community events and goings-on such as academic affairs, lifestyle trends, business, leisure spots, travel, and more. The site, which is updated on a daily and weekly basis, according to Palmares, enables "swift exchange of online information between facilitators and users perfectly fits the changing times and modern ways of communication of our CCA students."

Preview CCA, Manila's campus updates by visiting CuiScene at www.ccamanila.com/cuiscene.

Earth Day is celebrated every April 22nd to remind residents of this planet that we have to protect our home in this vast universe. This year, National Geographic Channel (NCG) renews its commitment to the environment with another round of its wildly popular Earth Day Run on April 27, 2014.

Last year, the event's expected number of 10,000 participants was overtaken by the list of actual registered runners that numbered to 12,000. NGC is looking forward to replicating this success for Earth Day Run 2014 with another set of 12,000 running enthusiasts from all age and fitness levels for the good of the environment.   

Distance categories are 3K, 5K, 10K, 21K and, the newest 42K, which is designed to draw the most physically fit and expert runners in the Philippines. Unfortunately, as of this writing, we were told by NGC executives that the only slots left are in the 3K and 5K distances because the slots for the other categories sold out really, really fast. Nonetheless, signing up for whatever distance will still be a big help for the beneficiaries.

NGC is once again partnering with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to make a solid difference in the Philippines' environmental footprint and provide sustainable livelihood opportunities for local communities. Last year's run proceeds were used to plant P1Million worth of fruit-bearing trees in the Abuan watershed in Isabela located in the Sierra Madre region. Beside the partial reforestation of this significant resource, local farmers were also given the privilege to own and care for the trees so they can later harvest the fruits for their income.  

This 2014, NGC promises to raise money for WWF's Bancas For The Philippines project that aims to train fishermen, affected by Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda last November 2013, in the making and use of fiberglass boats for artisanal fishing. Boats such as these are designed to withstand the onslaught of typhoons so that those using them can continue earning in case another disaster strikes.

Experts from WWF will train the fishermen on site and help them build the fiberglass boats, which reduces the use of sawn timber and plywood (and saves more trees!) such that communities can produce one boat a day. 

As many fishermen found themselves out of resources when their boats were destroyed by Haiyan, this boat project will be their hope as they take a significant step towards rehabilitation of their communities in Palawan. FYI, this is one area that was slow to receive relief due to the sheer number of islands in central Philippines that needed to recover from the tragedy. 

Thus, the goal of Earth Day Run 2014 is to directly help these fishermen by sharing a climate-smart technology that will help them recover their livelihood. In addition, promoting artisanal fishing for these small-scale fishermen will decrease the fishing pressure on our seas that have been heavily exploited by commercial fishing.

Personally, I am very happy to find out that Earth Day Run uses recyclable materials for its race bibs and a "Zero Paper" registration process thru the Centralized Registration System, which NatGeo pioneered in the country. Support NGC and WWF's Haiyan rehabilitation efforts by signing up via www.natgeorun.com or visiting the sign-up booth at the lower ground floor of SM Aura until April 20. 

Aside from the pride of victory and a willingness to help Haiyan survivors and the environment, finishers of the longer races of 21K and 42K will also be receiving a medal and finisher's shirt to commemorate their triumph.

It has been four months since Typhoon Haiyan hit and those affected still need so much help. Let us help sustain the public's interest in their rehabilitation. By registering in Earth Day Run, you can do your part while getting good exercise and uniting with others in supporting survivors of one of the most devastating natural disasters in the Philippine history. 

Teenagers these days are very enthusiastic in keeping up with the trends and being in tune to everything that’s happening around them. They are very energetic and are always ready to charge into their next adventures.

To maintain confidence the whole day, though, teens need to stay fresh to do more and this is what Rexona is encouraging individuals to do. After all, being confident can be affected by growing pains and battling insecurities.

Mar Corazo, Rexona brand manager, shared they wanted to impart the importance of daily hygiene to teens in a fun and exciting way. Thus, they came up with the Do More summer campaign that features a catchy tune.

The appealing song, which has been playing on radio and music channels, was magnified tenfold when Rexona launched the single during a recent mall event, hosted by fashion blogger Laureen Uy and MYX VJ Chino Lui Pio, held at the New Glorietta Activity Center in Makati and featuring Rexona’s Do More endorsers.

Sarah Geronimo, Enrique Gil, and Elmo Magalona got the crowd screaming with excitement when they started dancing with The Philippine All Stars on stage to the tune of Do The Moves, the song that also feature Apl de Ap who was not able to make it to the event.

“Song and dance is always a good way to appeal to teens, especially with the rising popularity of dance music,” explained Corazo. “It’s a really fun and upbeat song that, I hope, will get people dancing and encourage them to Do the Moves and Do More.”

Sarah, Apl, Enrique, and Elmo – all role models to teenagers today – aim to encourage people to join the movement by dancing, expressing themselves, and doing more. This is very timely as it is a good way to keep teens active this summer, away from sedentary activities like watching TV or playing on the computer all day.

Using dance as a vehicle to drive a strong commitment to proper personal care, Rexona created fun dance choreography, which the endorsers described as “pa-simple moves”, that can be done to subtly check their underarms if they are dry and fresh.

Along with this initiative, Rexona will also be launching the country’s biggest Teen Dance Competition, which will have on-going dance tours, an audition process, elimination rounds, and a finale scheduled to happen in July.

The Do More endorsers believe in honing the passions of young people that can serve as inspirations to be more confident about themselves. Reaching one’s goals and dreams needs self-expression in whatever form. For Sarah, it is exciting to collaborate with Rexona because she shares the brand’s values and advocacies.

Unbeatable protection from sweat and odor is now made easier by Rexona so you can always Do More with confidence. Let nothing hold you back from clean, good fun with the barkada this summer! Enjoy the school break kids! :)

* Check out more photos taken during the event, here

Good oral hygiene and fresh breath are two factors that can boost one’s confidence. However, a study (Project Persia U&A, 2010) revealed that 89% of adults aged 18 to 45 years old suffer from a variety of mouth issues.

This means millions of Filipinos are constantly struggling to make sure they are free from mouth issues such as mouth sores, gingivitis, plaque build-up, and bad breath. Among all these, bad breath was found to be of most concern to majority of the population.

A qualitative study done by Astring-O-sol noted that good oral hygiene and fresh breath are highly associated with confidence and preparedness, which are believed to eventually lead to positive outcomes like success, financial stability, physical desirability, respect, and even a healthy love life (Project Beonce, 2010).

During a recent event held at the Imperial Ice Bar in Bonifacio Global City, young actress Jessy Mendiola, Astring-O-sol’s ambassador, admits that before she used this brand of mouthwash, “I would really catch myself being conscious about my breath. Especially in my line of work where interaction is key, I really needed a partner to ensure that I was confident enough to deliver my lines and my scenes.”

She acknowledges that confidence and fresh breath are extremely important in order to succeed in show business. Facts from the Beonce study show that 49% of those without bad breath feel more confident, 37% are ready and prepared to socialize, and 54% of users feel protected.

Discover the road to ice cool fresh breath and transform yourself into a more confident you! Watch Astring-O-sol’s latest online video starring Jessy.

“We all need icy fresh breath to be our confidence ally and Astring-O-sol is my partner in facing my everyday challenges with confidence,” affirms Jessy. “It’s just all about staying positive, being confident, believing in oneself and, of course, having good oral hygiene with the help of Astring-O-sol.”

Astring-O-sol has a unique Tri-Defense formula that helps strengthen teeth, protect gums, and clean the tongue. So, the next time you feel you need that extra boost of confidence, remember, having fresh breath is good start.

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