Wednesday, February 05, 2014

PLDT Home Bro Helps Forge Stronger Family Connections

Nowadays, having internet at home is already a necessity and no longer considered a luxury. After all, my work as a contributing writer entails research, email interviews, and submissions that are mostly done online.

Likewise, hubby and the kids need internet connection to do office and school work. I’ve experienced how inconvenient it is to make the effort to go out and pay extra when one needs to access the web from an internet shop so it makes me more grateful that members of my family don’t have to. I’m sure moms of other students are also assured of their children’s safety if the kids don’t have to leave home to do research or print homework in internet cafes. 

Another advantage of having internet at home is being able to download apps that can foster family bonding. We get to play educational and entertaining games together and communicate for free via Skype or Viber when some of us are out of the house. I find this feature most useful when I, or hubby, are on trips and we need to talk to each other without having to pay exorbitant charges on phone calls.

Moms having fun playing charades
Recently, PLDT Home Bro and Nuffnang Philippines held a brunch for a select group of blogger moms and their kids at The Borough in Podium. Those who brought their young children bonded over various fun activities. We also got to play charades using a cool app that’s easy to use. Our group didn’t win but the laughter over some of the mommies’ antics was enough to keep us all smiling.

Brunch at The Borough
It was indeed a time of bonding fun that should be regularly replicated at home. I’ve just downloaded the Charades app and can’t wait to start playing some games with hubby and the kids. I’m sure we’ll have more fun because we no longer would have to spend more time thinking of guess words nor write them on small pieces of paper and stick them on a cap like what we’ve been doing in the past (too much effort, I know!). 

According to Product Manager Pei Mallari, PLDT Home Bro (1) Enables families to have meaningful interactions with each other though light-hearted moments of connection, (2) Promotes Enjoyment as much as Education, and (3) is the great Equalizer for Filipinos nationwide because having internet at home makes it easier to succeed in life, specifically in school. 

Effective January 1, 2014, Home Bro is the newest member of the PLDT Home family – it is Home’s fastest wireless broadband for unlimited family fun. It is perfect for active young families who value enjoyment and are looking for all-you-can broadband internet access for social media and school work.

This 2014, PLDT Home Bro kicks off the year with a 50% off promo for new subscribers. The Home Bro Internet Plan 999 can be initially availed of until March 31, 2014 for only P499 at up to 2Mbps speed. Find out more here: 

For those who need a printer, laptop, or landline, Home Bro and Hewlett Packard (HP) also offer other Family Bundles that will only cost you P36/day or P1069/month for an unlimited 2Mbps internet connection + HP printer; and P60/day or P1799/month for the same internet connection + an HP laptop and printer. Learn more about them here:

It’s the reality now, families need to be connected digitally, not only to be more productive in work and in school, but also to be able to discover more bonding moments that are brought about by advances in technology. Find out how PLDT Home Bro can help you achieve all these!

To learn more about PLDT Home Bro or to apply, simply visit

PLDT Home Bro is hosting its Panalo Mall Tour this February 6-9 at SM North the Block! Tell all your friends about the spectacular mall event filled with fun family activities. On Feb. 9, watch Luiz Manzano host the Home Bro Panalo Gameshow from 3-5pm! Get great deals, join fun activities, and get a chance to win big raffle prizes – including a 1-minute grocery shopping spree! That’s what I like Home Bro, it gives families opportunities to bond, and enjoy together!

For those of you who won’t be able to catch the Home Bro Panalo Mall Tour this weekend, don’t worry the mall tour will have six more stops nationwide at the following dates and venues:

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