Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Learn More About the Kinetic Advantage and How It Can Benefit YOUR Business

Every time we go out of the house, we see advertisements almost everywhere we look -- from huge billboards and ads painted on vehicle bodies down to small posters and fliers pasted on establishment walls and even inside mall comfort rooms! 

Many Out-of-Home (OOH) Media like these is a great way for businesses to gain more exposure for their products and services. But how far does OOH gets in promoting YOUR brand? According to Kinetic Worldwide Philippines, it can go as far as it can possibly go and beyond. 

How? Kinetic offers benefits to local businesses that can really put brands on the edge through the Kinetic Advantage. This is the pioneering in-depth study in the country that gives its customers better insights and perspectives about OOH media in the Philippines.

Rowell Santiago of Kinetic Philippines (rightmost)
Rowell Santiago, Media and Insights Director at Kinetic Philippines explained that, "Given the amount of time consumers are spending out of their homes and the continuously changing urban landscape providing new venues for them to spend time in, whether for leisure or work, it has indeed changed the game on how brands can be more receptive to their target audiences."

Here in Metro Manila, OOH media's popularity is evident as brands compete for space across the metropolis. However, the question remains on how effective the medium is in terms of generating awareness and capturing the right audiences.

This is where the Kinetic Advantage comes in. The study, launched recently at The Mind Museum and attended by marketing leaders, site owners, and media vendors in the country, showcased the findings of TNS, a leading market research company.

Santiago shared how excited they were in launching the study as they have been working on it for over a year to bring something really valuable to their clients and partners. "This breakthrough undertaking demonstrates our continuous commitment in enhancing our planning and buying capabilities by spearheading the discovery of fresh insights on out-of-home media," he expressed.

Kinetic's goal is to make local businesses prosper more as they build their brand and bring their business to the highest level. TNS representatives said that a major highlight of the study are the critical pieces of information gathered from the profiles of the 2,200 people studied who pass by Metro Manila's arterial roads.

Results were mapped out in zones identified by Kinetic. The study was customized for the unique landscape of the country as it also examines other touch points and compares them to OOH media as a promotional tool. It highlights how OOH media adds value to a business' investments in the medium. 

An interesting output is the revelation from the study that OOH is 2nd to television when it comes to ad awareness for most consumers. Brands are then given another reason to consider even more OOH's reach and effectiveness.

With the help of Kinetic Advantage, businesses can now customize their own OOH media campaigns to fit with the interests of the audience profiled in the study as well as where to correctly place those campaigns so they reach the most of their customers.

Kinetic Worldwide and TNS executives
With this new tool at hand, Kinetic Worldwide underscored how important insight development is in OOH communications planning to stay ahead of the curve not just by knowing WHERE to advertise, but also WHO to influence more precisely.

Where can one access the complete results of the study? You have to contact Kinetic Worldwide and discuss those with them offline :)

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