Now Makes it Easier to Find Jobs with Better Pay with the Salary Matching Feature

Who doesn't want a high-paying job? I don't think anybody, given a choice, would want to be working somewhere that doesn't pay well. Like minimum wage earners who expectedly wish to earn more, even those at the top management level aspire for bigger compensation. 

This was affirmed in a recent study conducted for where 67% of survey respondents from five key areas in the Philippines -- Metro Manila, Pampanga, Laguna, Cebu, and Davao -- say that "a good/high paying salary makes them want to apply to a job." 

According to Don Straits, CEO and Dragon Slayer of Corporate Warriors, "The belief that we are 'entitled' to more compensation speaks well for us as individuals." Our sense of self-worth and self-esteem indicates how much we believe we should be paid for a job well done. 

Normally, people look at others as benchmarks on how much they should receive at present and when they level up. They observe the kind of lifestyle their officemates, friends, and even bosses have. Do they live in the same kind of neighborhood and homes? Can they afford to send their kids to the same school? How far can they travel for a vacation -- here or abroad? What things can they buy using their hard-earned money?

To help Filipinos find the right jobs faster, easier, and more wisely, came up with a new feature called Salary Matching. This is good news because it eliminates applying to jobs blindly. Jobstreet's marketing director Yoda Buco illustrates, if you ever experienced being called in for a four-hour test, an interview with the HR, and more interviews with potential bosses before finding out how much salary the company is offering to pay for the position you're applying for, you know how frustrating this system can be.

Thus, through this breakthrough job matching feature, applicants can now choose jobs that match their skills, work experience, and even their preferred salary. This further increases their chances of getting considered for interview by the company that posted the advertisement because the employers already know who among the applicants are likely to agree to their job offer.

In addition, the Salary Matching feature can also help subscribers gauge the prevailing salary range for the job they are currently in or they would like to apply to. As Straits points out, the expectations of employees and jobseekers alike are sometimes not grounded on the "realities of the marketplace or on the ability to earn income based on performance." 

Now, with the combination of qualifications, required skills, and salary offer in every job ad posted, candidates can more easily make well-informed decisions on whether to stay in their current job or pursue a career in another company. The more job matches that fall within their preferred compensation range, the more employable they are in the job market.

Salary Matching is just one of the many ways has created to empower job hunters with enough information to make wise application decisions. Last year, the job site launched its Rich Job Ad series -- job advertisements that provide more relevant information not just limited to the usual job duties or responsibilities and candidate requirements. 

Now, the latest job ads also show brief information about the company, top reasons why one should join it, a Google map of the company's location, and salary information.

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