Friday, January 10, 2014

PRIDE Powerwash: Made Right for Your Washing Machine

Anyone who does the laundry at home knows several things: one, clean-smelling clothes are very important; two, laundry detergent should really be able to remove dirt and stains from clothes; and three, lots of foam is not always a good thing because rinsing would require a lot of precious water.

In these modern times, a mom no longer just attends to her husband, kids, and household chores; she is also kept busy with the many responsibilities of work. Thus, time management is very important for us to be able to do everything swiftly and efficiently.

Thanks to advances in technology, a washing machine at home definitely helps make finishing the laundry faster and easier. And we, moms, also know that one needs a detergent that works well, and is specifically made for washing machines.

This past week, I tested PRIDE Powerwash at home and was pleased with the results. The whites came out really clean and all the clothes had that crisp, clean fragrance that wafted inside our windows while they were hung to dry outside.

PRIDE Powerwash is, indeed, “tama para sa washing machine” because of the following features:

Low foam
1. Tama sa mantsa. The Stain-Away formula eliminates the need for manual washing. I don’t see the logic of cleaning clothes using a washing machine if you still need to make “kusot”!

2. Tama sa bula. The low foam feature makes the detergent an easy rinse product. In my first rinsing cycle, the water was already pretty clear, not cloudy.

3. Tama ang formulation. PRIDE granules are white and very fine. It is made of pure detergent and contains no chalk that might clog the washing machine’s motor.

One of my top concerns when washing clothes is actually eliminating the wee-wee smell from my special child’s pajamas. Despite wearing diapers, his urine still sometimes leaks out especially when he’s hooked up to his feeding pump as it’s not advisable to move him from a sitting to a lying down position because he may throw up all his blenderized food.

Easy rinse
I am happy to report that PRIDE successfully eliminated the unpleasant odor that some other detergents were not able to do in the past.

If you also attend to your family’s laundry, give PRIDE Powerwash a test run. You might just be surprised at the good results. I was :)

* Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post

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