Saturday, January 04, 2014

How to Make an Easy and Great-Tasting Salad Using Clara Ole's Sesame Mucho Vinaigrette

If I were to become a vegetarian, there is one dish that I could probably eat every day -- salad! The thing is, when it comes to eating fresh greens, I prefer drizzling them with light dressing. I am not too fond of the creamy and heavy ones. 

More than three years ago, I was introduced to Clara Ole's Vinaigrette Line and instantly fell in love with the Sesame Mucho variant. For me, it has the right balance of the sour and slightly sweet taste that I always look for in a salad dressing. To date, it remains on top of my list when I go shopping for bottled dressing.

If you also don't like spending a lot on salads offered in fast food outlets or restaurants, here's sharing my simple recipe that is quick to make and tastes really good each and every time!

Just manually tear several washed leaves of fresh Romaine lettuce, top it with halved seedless grapes, pieces of candied pili nuts (walnuts are also great if you can find them!), and a sprinkling of raisins to add more color. I love carrots, tomatoes, turnips, and cucumber, too, but if I'm in a hurry, I find it very time-consuming to slice them into thin strips. So I usually make do without them.

Anyhow, my simple recipe with the four main ingredients (which are easy to find in major supermarkets) mentioned above wouldn't taste great without a generous serving of Clara Ole's Sesame Mucho vinaigrette. Try this at home and let me know how it goes. Enjoy eating healthy! :)

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