Friday, December 20, 2013

Treat Your Family This Holiday Season with Selecta Ice Cream's New Delightful Flavors

Ice cream is not just for the summer months. There is always a good reason to eat some any day of the week! It is a great thing that Selecta Ice Cream is always coming up with new and delicious flavors. 

Although my top favorite Selecta product will remain to be Berry Strawberry from the Gold Series, my family discovered exciting variants that combined some of the Philippines' well-loved food items into three new flavors that are perfect for celebrating Christmas and New Year with loved ones this Holiday Season.

The Buco Pandan is delicious! The light green color is very pleasing to the eyes and the burst of flavors are just mmmmmm-good! This one has refreshing chunks of buco and pandan jelly folded into creamy macapuno ice cream. Fans of food items with the aromatic pandan scent would enjoy this.

My hubby and I have been buying plain mango ice cream for the longest time because we do like fruity flavors. Selecta's Mango & Cashews flavor just brought the level up a notch. This supreme dessert item features luscious mango ice cream with real mango sauce blended with roasted cashew nuts. The crunch from the nuts would definitely change the minds of those who think that the old plain mango ice cream is boring.

By the time we tried Ube Keso, it became really difficult to say which of these three I like best. This third variant is also yummy! Whoever discovered that ube is best paired with cheese is a genius! This creamy ube ice cream blended with real cheese bits is divine! 

Craving for some Selecta Ice Cream now? :p Head on to the nearest supermarket or convenience store and try one, or all, of these flavors. You will definitely not regret buying any of them. Don't forget to get some for your Noche Buena and Media Noche celebrations so other members of your family will get to try them too! :)

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