Friday, December 13, 2013

King of Comedy Honored By Quizon Family Via New Game App: Dolphy Clean Up

Global warming is now one of the top concerns worldwide given the unusual occurrence of weather-related disasters that hadn't normally happened in past years. Aside from being conscious about our carbon footprints, one of the other solutions to help protect the environment is to teach young children to take good care of it for their future.

This December 15, game enthusiasts can start downloading the app called Dolphy Clean Up. It features a  main character patterned after the looks and demeanors of the late Comedy King Rodolfo Quizon

The Quizon family partnered with iGen Techonologies, a US-based software product development and consulting services company with an office in the Philippines, in developing the game in memory of the iconic funny man. The creators describe the game as both fun and educational as it is said to heighten awareness on environment protection. 

Players can enjoy a total of four stages: City Cleaner, Forest Protector, Ocean Hero, and Air Guardian, which cover 36 levels of thrilling and positivity-promoting adventures. I got to try the first level and it is quite challenging! I think kids and young-at-heart gamers, who are more adept at eye-hand coordination would do very well with this game. 

Quizon brothers
Eric Quizon illustrates, "Dolphy Clean Up aims to educate people, especially children, on the importance of trash segregation and proper disposal." The Quizons gave life to the concept through Dolphy Aid Para Sa Pinoy Foundation, Inc., an organization that channels the late actor's advocacies, particularly his care for the environment and the safety of the common tao. 

Dolphy Clean Up launch (photo credit: Dibs Trofeo)
This same foundation was behind the success of Dolphy Alay Tawa, a fundraising tribute and benefit concert held last year, a few months after the Philippines' cinema legend passed away, and which was attended by several top caliber Pinoy showbiz personalities.

In line with this, Epy Quizon shares that, "A certain percentage of the download proceeds [of the paid version] will be directed to efforts being made to rehabilitate and reconstruct communities in the Visayan region affected by the devastation brought about by Super Typhoon Yolanda last month."

with Epy and Eric
Dolphy Clean Up will be initially downloadable from the App Store for iPads, and very soon for iPhones. It is expected to be available in Google Play for Android mobile devices in early 2014. The Quizon family will also be launching the game app in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

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