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Discover and Enjoy the Benefits of Minola Coconut Oil

For those who were already students in the ‘80s, I am sure many of you also had coconut-related school projects such as drawing a large coconut tree on a cartolina and identifying all the things that can be made from its every part, from the top of the leaves and the fruits down to the trunk and roots.

I remember bugging my parents to help me find pictures of coconut products that I could use for my homework. Some of what I found included suman wrappers, macapuno, copra, buko juice and, of course, cooking oil, among many others. You can actually read more about the coconut’s endless list of products and by-products and their many uses here Discover and prove for yourself why the coconut has been hailed as The Tree of Life for decades.

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I grew up in a small town called Rizal in Laguna. During my elementary days, our school service would pass by the Minola Coconut Oil factory every weekday.  Expectedly, Minola supply was abundant around the area and I don’t think any other brands were available in our small barrio back then. I can even recall my grandmother asking me or my sister to specifically buy a bottle of Minola from the sari-sari store whenever we run out of cooking oil in the kitchen.

Minola has already been around for the past 50 years and continues to be one of the leading brands of coconut oil in the Philippines. To promote the benefits of coconut oil, Minola has partnered with the coconut industry’s leading organizations such as the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA), United Coconut Association of the Philippines, and Coconut Oil Refiners Association.

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Talking about benefits, did you know that Minola is rich in Lauric Oil that helps fight viruses and bacteria? Thus, cooking with Minola Cooking Oil can help boost your family’s immunity due to its Minolauric (which means full of lauric oil) property.

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According to the PCA, coconut oil is the most readily digested fat among all those used in general around the world. This oil provides an estimate of 9,500 calories of energy per kilogram. Along with boosting immunity, coconut oil slows down aging and counteracts heart, colon, pancreatic, and liver tumor inducers.

Serve healthy dishes to your family and ensure their health at the same time. With Minola, you won’t need to spend a lot to be able to enjoy the benefits of coconut oil.

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