Monday, December 16, 2013

Earn Brownie Points with Your Loved Ones by Gifting Them with Brownies Unlimited's New Flavors!

I am a sucker for moist and chewy brownies so I was delighted to receive a box of Brownies Unlimited treats the other day as an early Christmas gift. 

It contains 12 new flavors that seemed to magically disappear from our refrigerator in less than 24 hours. I only got to eat one of the delicious squares, the Walnut Swirl, because my kids beat me to the others :)

Satisfy your sweet tooth and those of your loved ones this Christmas! Here are Brownies Unlimited's new batch of flavors that will also have you craving for more:

You can buy these at any of Brownies Unlimited's more than 50 branches nationwide at P25.00 to P30.00 each depending on the flavor. They are also available in boxes of 4, 6, 10, and 12 pieces. Aside  from the delicious contents, the packaging's very nice and is perfect when given as gift items. 

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