Jolly Cow Fresh Milk Encourages Children to Achieve Their Dreams

Mine is a milk-drinking family. Every trip to the supermarket includes a couple or more big packs of fresh milk. I like drinking it straight while hubby and the boys prefer to drown their cereals with it.

Jolly Cow's mascot
When I received an invite to join a Jolly Cow Fresh Milk event at Angelicum College two weeks ago, I had no hesitations of saying yes because, incidentally, this is the brand of fresh milk that we actually use at home!

My children are all in their teens now (three of them are already taller than me!) but they haven’t outgrown their love for milk and I am very thankful for that. Like many moms, I also believe in the many benefits of drinking this beverage every day. And it was great to know that brands like Jolly Cow are making efforts to spread the word to as many school children as possible.

Wanlu and his soft puppet
In Angelicum, grade school children happily absorbed lessons about the importance of drinking milk from versatile puppeteer Wanlu. He made good use of his puppets to teach the kids in creative and entertaining ways; even the teachers and guests, like us, found ourselves smiling and laughing at his many jokes and antics.

kids having a lot of fun while learning
From Wanlu, the kids learned the consequences of not having enough calcium in one’s daily diet. Although calcium requirement differs for gender and age, there are general indications of calcium deficiency in kids: their height is shorter than that of other kids their age, they have thinner bodies than other kids of the same age, they are more prone to tooth decay, they end up having frequent absences from school due to various health problems, and they are unable to excel in various extra-curricular activities because of being matamlay, mahina ang pangangatawan, and pagiging lampa.

Wanlu taught the kids how to make sock puppets
The above-mentioned parameters are quite alarming if we think about it because they are very much preventable! Parents should really encourage their children to drink fresh milk everyday because:

Milk helps kids cope during growth spurts
Milk helps provide complete nutrition during puberty
Milk contains protein, which helps rebuild muscles
Milk helps kids become smarter
Milk aids kids to get stronger
Milk is a great source of Calcium which is needed for better bone and teeth development

teachers joined in on the fun

You may ask, why advocate drinking fresh milk instead of the powdered ones? Here are several good reasons:
1. It’s 100% natural because it undergoes a process that lengthens shelf life without the addition of chemicals or fortifications.
2. It contains all the nutrients of milk like calcium, protein, carbohydrates, and more that are good for the body.
3. It is convenient and easy to prepare. You just chill it inside the ref, pour, then drink.
4. It is consistent in quality. Unlike with powdered milk, which always depends on how it is mixed with water, there’s no guessing game when it comes to getting the full health benefits in fresh milk.

As to the brand to buy, my family prefers Jolly Cow Fresh Milk because it is not that expensive and it tastes really good. It also contains 3.5% butterfat content, which is higher than in other brands thus its creamier taste.

Before the Angelicum students left the gym, they were given personalized milk bottles printed with their photos wearing the uniforms of what they want to be when they grow up. I’m sure each of those excited kids rushed home that day to show their parents their beautiful bottle that, I hope, would further inspire them to reach for their dreams when they finally grow up.

Jolly Cow is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Fly Ace Corporation. Their other products include Jolly Cow Nonfat sourced from New Zealand, and Jolly Cow Condensada sourced from Malaysia.

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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