Iya Villania and Mikael Daez Join the Watsons Switch & Save Family

Personal care products shouldn't be something we should scrimp on because they help us maintain health and wellness. Essentials, such as basic medications should not also be cut out of families' budgets. Thanks to Watsons Label products, shoppers can buy personal care items at affordable prices that don't compromise on quality.

Recently, actress/MYX VJ Iya Villania and actor/commercial model Mikael Daez joined the Watsons family after discovering the many benefits of switching and saving with the brand. 

Mikael admits to always being value conscious and trying to be very efficient when it comes to spending. "That's similar to what Switch & Save is all about," he likens. "I think it's great to be the face of such a campaign."

Iya, on the other hand, says she switched to Watsons because it is actually a place she often visits for her needs. "They provide great quality daily essentials that allow me to save a few pesos here and there, which, at the end of the year, do all add up."

The Watsons Switch & Save campaign started in February 2012 and continues to enjoy popularity with Filipino shoppers who want to spend less on daily essentials. Since the products are of top quality but cheaper than their branded counterparts, it's not surprising that Watsons Label items are a huge hit even with celebrities.

"As a leading health and beauty brand in the Philippines, Watsons recognizes that to be truly beautiful, one must also be healthy," affirms Viki Encarnacion, Marketing Director of Watsons Philippines. "Consistent with Watsons Label products, our Health and Compliance Packs [also] offer great quality at affordable prices, giving you fantastic value for money." 

A partnership with United Laboratories Inc., allows Watsons to offer top-quality vitamins and medicines at wallet-friendly prices with compliance pack bundles providing up to 80% savings versus leading brands.

Aside from Iya and Mikael, personalities Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Patty Laurel, and Divine Lee acknowledge the value of switching and saving with Watsons. All say they are satisfied customers.

You, too, can save money on your daily essentials so you can also spend on other things you need when you switch and save. More importantly, you can invest on your family's health to enjoy more things that life has to offer.  

* To see more photos taken during the event, please view this Facebook album

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