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Be in the know of the latest and biggest career opportunities out there!, the country's number one job site in the Philippines, has developed a new and exciting product for job seekers.

Yoda Buco,'s marketing director, said the new Mobile App can help its subscribers check for employment opportunities even while on the go. She shared a recent study conducted by JobStreet where it was found out that, out of 100% of Filipinos who use cellphones:

72% have internet access
55% have laptops/netbooks
51% access the internet using laptops powered by mobile broadband
39% own computer desktops
27% access the internet at home
17% access the internet via Mobile Data Services
17% possess tablets

According to Buco an interesting finding in the study is the increasing number of Filipinos who own Internet-capable gadgets like smartphones, laptops, and tablets. "In an internal survey conducted by our company in 2012, we found out that candidates nowadays depend on online sources to seek employment."

She explained that more and more candidates prefer checking company websites over walk-ins and getting referrals. Job seekers are also more likely to send applications via job portals or email companies directly instead of submitting personally. In addition, Filipino applicants are triggered to apply for a job when they see openings in their email or when they read job advertisements that they like. "This is why seeks ways to make career opportunities available anytime, anywhere."'s website houses over 90,000 job postings daily from more than 22,000 companies. Subcribers even receive personalized job matches via email. Jobs can be searched, browsed, and applied to by serious candidates 24/7.

To bring jobs closer to the rising number of mobile Filipinos, the mobile app was designed for faster, easier, and more convenient job search and application. You can download it from the App Store, Google Play, Blackberry World, and Windows Market.

After downloading, key in your username and password, just like how you access your account using your desktop computer or laptop. All information will be automatically synchronized with your account. You can further share job postings to your friends via email or save them to apply at a later date.

Grace Colet,'s country manager reported that downloads of the app have grown 13% month on month for the past five months. "In addition, application from the mobile web and mobile app were about 5% only of the total applications received as of January 2012. Now it has risen to 18%."

"These are very promising numbers and we can only expect it to go up," she predicted. "What do these results mean to us? We humbly say that we are bringing more and more Filipinos closer to their dream jobs. And by so doing, we hope that we are able to improve their lives through better careers."

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