Visit urbanbreak by LeBlanc in Makati CBD and Experience Relaxation at Its Best!

We all have fast-paced lives nowadays filled with work obligations, deadlines, and more. Do you still have time to unwind? I confess I often find it hard to make time.

entrance to an oasis
I know that every individual should learn the art of perfecting work-life balance and I am trying my best to achieve that. So, I savor the moments when I can put up my feet and read a good book or listen to some music with my eyes closed even for just half an hour or less. 

The other day, my friends decided that we all need a good massage. So off we trooped to Makati's Central Business District (CBD) where urbanbreak by LeBlanc is located in between tall buildings. 

urbanbreak's General Manager Ms. Diana Ross Gragasin
The spa soft-opened early this month and I am sure that once more people get to know about it, urbanbreak by LeBlanc would be an oasis they would run to when work becomes too hectic to handle and they just need an hour or two to breathe. 

I like the ambiance and facilities of urbanbreak by LeBlanc. It has a pretty reception area and comfortable-looking treatment rooms. They also have cozy couches and pillowed manicure stations waiting for clients to pick the services they want. 

manicure/pedicure/foot spa room w/ cable TV
The spa has a wide variety of services provided by experienced therapists and nail experts. Designed for busy and active lifestyles, the wide-range of relaxing body treatments can definitely whip away the stress and pain of tight muscles that need some TLC.  

Since my perpetual back pains seem to have no plans of leaving my body, I always welcome the few times I get to have long massages to ease the aches even for just a day or two. On my first visit to urbandbreak by LeBlanc, I opted for the urbanbreak Exclusive Massage which lasted for a glorious 90 minutes. 

 room where I had my massage
I was told that this kind of massage was designed to relieve high stress. The hour and a half session included massages with heat packs with temperature that penetrates the muscles. I happily gave in to the warmth on my back and felt very refreshed afterwards. My therapist even offered me hot tea after my treatment which capped off the very nice experience.

My friends and I got to meet the owner, Lan Monces, who shared with us that they decided to put up urbanbreak by LeBlanc in Makati CBD to make the work-life balance establishment easily accessible for the working class so that they can have a comfort zone within just a few steps away from their office or gym. "Our different packages and location are 'hassle and worry free' compared to an expensive spa. At urban break, you will get the same result and satisfaction," he promised.

couple's room
If you live or work in Makati, do drop by urbanbreak by LeBlanc soon and experience their services for yourself. It is located at the Courtyard, Sagittarius Condominium, HV Dela Costa, Makati City 1227. And before I forget, the place has WiFi so you can post photos as much as you want :D

For more information and to be updated of their promos, follow @LeBlancDaySpa on Twitter and Like their Facebook page. You may also call (632) 8930759, (0917) 5049967 or (0943) 7059157.

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