Mobilize Your Business Using Responsive Web Design

A large number of people go online on a daily basis. And, with the advent of smartphones in the market, many now use the internet using their mobile devices. According to NowPlanet.TV, 70% of customers use their gadgets to make purchases online while 51% of travelers get information they need via the internet.

The numbers are growing and businesses have to catch up to maximize the potential of this trend. How? According to Kristian Noel A. Pura, head of the Digital Media Group of Information Capital Technology Ventures, Inc. (ICTV), the biggest brands are the early adapters of Responsive Web Design and small businesses must learn to follow suit to reach their target markets. Watch this video to understand better what I mean.

After all, a website nowadays has become an acceptable sales or marketing channel thanks to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Through an easy-to-navigage website, one can conveniently advertise products and services while being able to also interact closely and more effectively with possible clients.

ICTV, a publicly listed technology conglomerate, runs WebsiteExpress.BIZ. Its goal is to make quality websites accessible and affordable to not just large corporations but also SMEs, micro-entrepreneurs, and even professionals like doctors, lawyers, dentists, and architects.   

Kristian Pura
"Our objective is to design and develop websites for those who need it quickly, whether big or small companies, the mass consumers, or perhaps anyone in need of a website to showcase their product or service offering to the world," says Pura. 

Websites, describes Pura, are important because they give a semblance of legitimacy to a business, helping it avoid being branded as dubious or "fly-by-night". "Even if you are a smaller budgeted enterprise, you seem to appear big in the eyes of others, whether for potential clients or business partners. A website provides an image of you being an aggressive business."

It should be noted however that a website is just a tool and that the success of a website will still depend on its content. "If you have a good website but with a bad product or service, the website wouldn't matter. Plus, there's still the need for a little 'push' marketing and not rely on the website totally," explains Pura. 

Another thing, he mentions, that sets WebsiteExpress.BIZ apart from its competitors is that they can promise to deliver a website within 5-7 days as long as the reference materials are complete, including pictures and videos, and the timetable is realistic. As proof, the company has already developed some of the most comprehensive-looking and eye-popping websites for both local and international clients.

Know more about this digital media brand by visiting, call 799-7700, or email for more details. 

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