Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lindsey Stirling Wows Manila in "Dances With Strings"

I tried learning to play the violin a few years ago during the height of The Corrs' popularity (and ended up loving the Irish penny whistle more instead). I experienced firsthand how hard it is to master this instrument because, unlike the guitar, the violin has no frets. Thus, it takes precision and skill to be able to play music that's really in tune.

So I honestly can't imagine how it is possible for someone to play the violin well while dancing, bending backward, hopping, and doing other kinds of movements while also concentrating on the motions of one's hands and arms on the instrument. Apparently, American pop culture sensation Lindsey Stirling has mastered this craft and it was very impressive to watch her do it live! 

Yesterday, my seven-year-old niece (who is learning to play the violin) and I went to Ayala Malls' Alabang Town Center (ATC) to watch Lindsey perform on stage. Despite the heavy rains that afternoon, the venue at the Corte de Las Palmas was fully packed with fans and music aficionados.

I am not very familiar with the songs Lindsey played except for her tribute to Michael Jackson, a medley of The Phantom of the Opera music, and her famous Crystallize, the music video of which I watched in YouTube a week or so ago.

All her musical numbers were met with enthusiasm from the audience, especially when she played the theme song of an obviously popular game (Skyrim?) judging by the loud cheers of several people behind me.  

It was delightful watching Lindsey perform. She is very engaging when she talks; and mesmerizing when she plays music. I am glad I got to watch her with my niece who, by the way, was very inspired to continue her violin lessons because of Lindsey.

My utmost thanks to MJ of MCA Music for the invite and for photographer Jude Ng for taking our photo with Lindsey. You guys just made a rainy Sunday unforgettable for a little girl :)

* For more photos of Lindsey's performance, please visit this Facebook album

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