AOC, the worldwide leader in display manufacturing, launched its latest Breeze tablets that make mobile computing a breeze. The event was recently held at Holiday Inn and Suites Makati.

There, guests got to check out the latest gadgets that are touted to be fast and flexible, powered by the latest Android Jelly Bean operating system. Breeze MW0731+ and Breeze MW0831 will be great companions to those who do not want to miss out on their email, social medial, the latest news, entertainment, and the most engaging games.

Both models house 1.4GHz ARM Cortex A9 Duo-Core & Quad-Core GPU (RK3066) processors and come with standard 8GB internal memory expandable to 32GB through its microSD slot. They also have 1GB DDR3 RAM, built in WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G dongle support, front cameras, and 7 and 8-inch LCD capacitive screens with HDMI support for the MW0831.

And because its display is one of AOC's strongest suits, the screens of these two tablets are considered to be among the brightest tablet displays in the market. They come with standard software that includes Internet Browser, Video Player, Audio Player, Photo Browser, Email, Sound Record, Calculator, and Ebook Support. There is also Google Play for easy downloading of additional apps and games for enhanced computing and entertainment value.

Those who are looking for gadgets with long battery life would be impressed to know that you can get up to 12 hours of audio for the MW0731+ and 25 hours for the MW0831. These latest tablets from AOC are priced at PhP 5,999 and PhP 8,999 respectively. 

AOC Breeze Tablets are available at authorized retailers nationwide and distributed by EA Global Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. They also have 29 service centers nationwide. For more details, please visit

* AOC is headquartered in Taipei is backed by over six decades of design and manufacturing experience and is a world leader in the display technology for monitors and television.

It was only in February last year when Japanese apparel brand UNIQLO announced that it will open its first store in the Philippines. Read more about the company's history in my other blog post here.

Now, barely a year and a half later, the fast-growing fashion establishment is opening it's 6th store in the country and its first in the City of Makati this June 28. The latest branch is located at the ground floor of Glorietta 5, the newest lifestyle shopping destination right at the heart of the Philippines' acknowledged financial district. 

Glorietta 5 is a three-level shopping mall that also houses Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) offices. It is part of Ayala Mall's huge one-stop retail center that features a wide range of shopping, dining, and entertainment choices.

Having UNIQLO in Glorietta 5 will make functional and everyday clothes more accessible for Makati's office workers and residents. The brand, which is considered an innovator in the global apparel industry, is known for offering an extensive selection of high quality products sold at affordable prices.  

Recently, the store also introduced its latest global brand concept called "LifeWear" which describes UNIQLO apparel as "Clothes for a better life for everyone, every day.

Make sure to drop by UNIQLO in Glorietta 5 during its first week of opening as there are a lot of nice merchandise being sold at big discounts until July 4. This Makati branch will be open from Mondays to Sundays, 10AM to 9PM.

* To see more photos of the product displays, please click here

Early this month, I accompanied my hubby to Anvaya Cove for Kayak Explore 2013. It was one of the rare times I agreed to travel really early in the morning to go to one of his sports events. The invite came from one of our good friends, Joey Cuerdo, owner of Power Up Climbing and MOJO Sandals, one of the kayaking event sponsors.

The long travel time to Subic gave me an opportunity to catch up on some sleep. We arrived at Anvaya Cove around 7AM and were offered breakfast. Hubby was signed up for the 25 kilometer kayak race with partner Kat "Jai" Pablo, a seasoned dragon boat racer. Although both are kayaking beginners, they were determined to finish the race and have fun.

Once they're off, I joined the rest of the Power Up team in watching the other games such as the relay where participants had to run along the shoreline for about a kilometer then paddle their kayaks for several more kilometers. Joey and his young son gamely joined this one. 

I was content shooting photos as I don't think I'll last even half of the running part. I was glad we were all wearing MOJO Sandals though because it made walking/running on dry and wet sand very comfortable.  

Hubby wearing MOJO wind runner; me wearing MOJO road tripper
By 11AM, our group left for the city where we met with the groups of kayakers who set off early in the morning. I was glad to see that hubby and Jai finished the first leg with minor injuries. Their hands were raw from handling the paddles for the past 2 hours and 40 minutes. We all ate lunch at The Lighthouse Marina Resort then went back to Anvaya to wait for the kayakers to end the second leg there.

Along the way, we stopped along the road to take photos of several trees where hundreds of bats were nesting. It was weird to see them in broad daylight but the experience was quite awesome.

Back at Anvaya Cove, Joey's wife, Thea, convinced me to take part in learning the basics of kayaking. Despite my apprehensions, since I am really not that much of a sporty person, I joined them and, surprisingly, had fun learning tips and tricks from Sir Val Camara, the father of kayaking in the Philippines

orientation with Sir Val
Unfortunately, steering an actual kayak was a different matter altogether. I found out that learning the basics on land was easier than applying them in the water. My partner and I had a very difficult time heading out to sea from the shore. It was memorable nevertheless and taught me that I might still try doing this again someday just to finally get the moves right.  

Hubby and Jai had an unforgettable experience as well. Instead of recounting it to you, kindly read my hubby's account of their adventures here. I really admire them for their passion in joining physical activities such as this. 

MOJO sandals awarded to the day's winners 
Everyone shared a nice dinner before the organizers awarded the winners from the different categories. That night, as we were on our way home, I reflected how nice it is that every person has the freedom to pursue his/her own passions and that there's something for everyone among the wide variety of activities we have in this world. We just have to choose which one suits us best :) 

* To see more photos taken during the event, please visit this Facebook album

The very first laptop I bought with my own money and paid for, for six months, via credit card was a Toshiba netbook. I chose it after comparing features with other brands in the same price range because I felt it it was the best fit for me. That laptop has served me well for more than two years. I have brought it to press cons and even on trips when I needed to work on deadlines. Now, it is in my sons' dorm being used by my college boys for their assignments.

using my Toshiba during a business trip in Cebu
Indeed, whether it's for business, gaming, or home use, there’s an elegantly designed Toshiba notebook that’s just right for you. According to studies done by Toshiba, users value carefully and thoughtfully designed products that combine both aesthetics and functionality. 

With this in mind, Toshiba came up with new laptops that utilize modern materials and that feature smart and stylish design elements such as frameless keyboards, enhanced speakers, and metallic surfaces and finishes.

With the aim to offer the best in terms of value, entertainment, and portability, Toshiba (Philippines) Inc. launched five new elegant yet high performance laptops with specific consumers in mind. Read the specs below and choose which laptop would serve your needs best.

Portégé Z10t

Toshiba recognizes the growing demand for a combined laptop PC and tablet among business professionals, and so mobile executives and frequent travelers will find a lot to love about the Portégé Z10t. Users can enjoy the massive power of a full-fledged Ultrabook™, while enjoying the portability of a tablet weighing only 850 grams.

This thin detachable laptop and tablet features a bright 11.6-inch full HD touch display, and is powered by Windows 8 Pro. Keeping business professionals in mind, the Portégé Z10t comes with security features such as a TPM chip and Intel vPro technology, and is also well outfitted in terms of connectivity.

This sleek, steel grey metallic Ultrabook™ is durable, powerful, and convenient, and offers full flexibility to all business professionals who need a tool that easily adapts to their numerous computing needs.

Satellite S40 series

The Satellite S40 series, made up of the S40t and S40Dt, is ideal for all consumers looking for powerful PCs that allow them to stay both productive and entertained.

These notebooks boast of an all-new sophisticated and significantly thinner design encased in an eye-catching brushed aluminum ice metallic silver finish, packed with high definition multimedia and entertainment-optimized features for greater everyday computing power.

With a 14.1-inch HD display, up to 750GB HDD storage, integrated Optical Disk Drive, DTS® Sound™ and built-in Onkyo speakers, the S40 series is an all-around PC that delivers optimum performance in one affordable package. The S40 features a 10-point touch display that makes navigating and controlling a laptop as convenient and intuitive as using a tablet or smartphone.

Satellite L40 and L50 Series

Toshiba’s Satellite L40 and L50 series, comprised of the L40, L40D, and L50, fulfill the numerous needs of laptop consumers. These models allow everyday users to efficiently and effectively perform their daily computing tasks while providing them the power to enjoy high quality multimedia and content creation.

Noteworthy features of the Satellite L40 series include HD display with LED backlighting, NVIDIA® Optimus™ technology, integrated Optical Disk Drive, DTS® Sound™, built-in Onkyo speakers, and Toshiba Resolution+ technology.

Consumers who are big on design should take a good look at the refined and dapper Satellite L40 series. With its choice of colors for each different version including a Glossy Gold Edition exclusive to Asia, each model comes with a sleek finish that subtly matches the tiled keyboard with a glossy frame and matte keys. 

Satellite P50 and P50t

Toshiba’s Satellite P series, comprised of the Satellite P50 and P50t, are the newest notebooks designed for everyday users. These stylish notebooks are elegantly designed with an attractive brushed aluminum silver finish with chrome accents on the lid.

The Satellite P50 runs a fourth-generation Haswell processor, GeForce GT 745M, a framebuffer of 4GB, and an optical drive. The P50t, on the other hand, features a third-generation processor and GeForce GT 740M. The P50t also comes with an intuitive 10-point touch and swipe support. 

Both the P50 and P50t come equipped with a 15.6-inch full HD display, an enlarged click touchpad and two Harman Kardon® speakers, making these powerful yet portable tools ideal for working on documents, watching movies, and even enjoying some serious gaming.

Qosmio X70

Finally, there’s the Qosmio X70, Toshiba’s latest laptop designed specifically for gaming enthusiasts who want the best when it comes to performance, speed, graphics, sound quality, and connectivity.

The Qosmio X70 boasts of a massive 17.3-inch full HD display with an 8-millisecond response time, as well as serious gaming hardware under its hood. 

This high-performing laptop is powered by a fourth-generation Intel Core processor and comes equipped with 16GB of RAM. Its dedicated GeForce GTX 770M graphics card comes with up to 3GB of GDDR5 video RAM, and is NVIDIA®’s second most powerful mobile GPU to date. Four integrated Harman Kardon® stereo speakers handle the X70’s sound, with a 6-watt output of DTS Studio Sound.

Toshiba’s Qosmio X70 is of an attractive and distinct red aluminum color, and effortlessly carries the premium polish of the entire Qosmio series. Its tiled and frameless keyboard design is illuminated in red, enabling navigation and convenient text input even in low light conditions.

Toshiba’s latest laptops are stylish yet functional, and users will find that the company’s fresh design philosophy will not disappoint. Whether used for work or play, these notebooks exude a simple elegance and will provide an outstanding user experience that cannot be matched.


All Toshiba PCs and tablets are backed by Toshiba’s extensive service and support. The company’s SelectServ Program allows users to customize their notebook’s warranty coverage, depending on their budget and needs. Actual features and specifications vary according to model and local availability. For more information, please visit 

Connect with Toshiba on Facebook at, on Twitter at, and on YouTube at

I normally do not watch scary movies and try to avoid suspenseful ones that have the potential to make me jump and scream (to the delight of my crazy friends) inside the cinema. But I decided to catch World War Z because, hello, Brad Pitt is in it! LOL 

Kidding aside, I was intrigued by the trailer that shows a multitude of zombies jumping, chasing, and terrorizing people. I couldn't help but wonder if a plague like that could really happen in the real world.

And so off I went to the premier last night with my husband and two of our close blogger friends. Despite some heart stopping moments, including one when I literally yelled in surprise during one scene (and provided the guys much entertainment, darn it!), I could say that this movie is an awesome one that is not to be missed!

Follow the journey of United Nations agent Gerry Lane (Pitt) who travelled to different places to find a cure while risking his own, and his companions' lives, to save the lives of many.

The story, in my opinion, is well-written and made greater by Pitt's acting prowess. Expect to feel fear, compassion, and jubilation as you join other viewers in a roller coaster ride of fast-paced action scenes that will leave you hanging on to the edge of your seats.

World War Z also stars Mireille Enos as Karen, Gerry's wife, Daniella Kertesz as a female Israeli soldier, James Badge Dale as Captain Speke, U.S. Army special forces officer, David Morse as Gunter Haffner, a prisoner living in an abandoned jail, Ludi Boeken, Fana Mokoena, Abigail Hargrove as Rachel, Gerry's daughter, and many more international stars.

World War Z is a Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions presentation directed by Marc Forster. It is distributed by United International Pictures through Solar Entertainment Corporation. It starts showing at your favorite theaters and cinemas today, June 19.

If you want to read more of the movie's backgrounder, check out the press release posted in my other blog.

What comes to mind when you think of France and Parisian living? Aside from the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees, and the Louvre, I'm sure fashion is also on top of your head, right?

Thirty years ago, two brothers created a symbolic icon of a classic sneaker design to embody what the true Parisian love of life is -- simple, effortless, and natural. This is Serge and Yves Bensimon's philosophy that they wanted to communicate through their footwear showing a perfectly imperfect look and feel.

The brothers felt that there are a lot of elements about the culture of Paris that people miss out on. Thus, in aiming to break barriers, Bensimon steps into Manila's streets today to bring to Filipinos what it truly means to live the Parisian life.

The people of Paris are said to choose brands with a long heritage, or with artisan and handmade elements over more generic factory-produced garments. This affects how they shop and which has created the landscape of true Parisian fashion. Bensimon, which built its roots in the European market, is inspired by this kind of fashion and offers sneakers in a vast array of styles, colors, and prints for everyone -- men, women, and children.

Ammiel De Leon, Bensimon Philippines' Brand Director, says the footwear effortlessly mixes the universe of the wearer with Parisian chic. "We aim to challenge the perception of Filipinos about sneakers in the country from a footwear category that is identified with grunge and roughness to one that is sophisticated and stylish," he shares. 

The sneakers have a laid back and rugged feel which make them the ideal pair to keep and wear from day to day. The wide variety of choices makes it easy to promote individuality and takes into consideration people's passion for the arts. This is also the reason why Bensimon is an advocate for sponsoring art galleries so that the interest for culture is kept alive. 

During the launch held at Enderun Colleges, we got to see personalized sneakers inspired by various art pieces and they are beautiful! It was hard to choose a favorite because everything was done with exquisite attention to detail.

Bensimon is brought to Manila by Terry S.A. (TSA), the company that also manages distribution of Havaianas, David and Goliath, Dupe, and Pininho in the Philippines. TSA President Anne Gonzalez, pronounces that their company is always on the lookout for brands that have a unique point of view, are optimistic, fun and work well with the Filipino lifestyle. "With its solid French heritage, chic and casual ease, along with its expansive product offering, Bensimon fits just right into the portfolio of brands that Terry S.A. is building."

Bensimon sneakers will be made available in Center of Gravity (Forbes Town, Burgos Circle, and Centris Walk), Shoe Salon (Glorietta 3, Power Plant Mall Rockwell, Robinson's Ermita, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, and Trinoma), and Shoe Thing (kids styles only: Bonifacio High Street, Eastwood Mall, and Greenbelt 5). Prices range from P2,095 to 2,565 for men's and women's lines, and P1,295 to 1,795 for the kids' styles.

For more photos, please view this Facebook album

We all love receiving gifts and souvenirs and we find them more special when we know that the givers have put in a lot of thought in choosing them. Media people, for instance, are used to receiving tokens from press conferences and other events but there are certain giveaways that end up being treasured more because they are either really beautiful or useful or both.

Did you know that there are a lot of companies that make really nice stuff worthy to be given to valued clients and guests? Many of them will be showcasing their products in the upcoming Corporate Giveaways Buyers' Show 2013 on the first week of July where you can find business gifts, premiums, promotional ideas and merchandise incentives. 

Corporate Giveaways is now on its 26th year and was born from the idea of Worldexco Chairman, Lynn Romero, who was then a PR director of one of the country's leading hotels. At the time, she needed to find a ready and reliable source of specialized gifts for the hotel's clients and partners. Her personal quest eventually turned into a well-received solution that other marketing professionals were looking for.

Raquel Romero, General Manager of World Expos & Concepts Inc., recognizes that they have an obligation to provide their exhibitors with the market they want. "Just think about it, how many sure buyers can you really get from making cold calls? At Corporate Giveaways, the customers come to you. At this point, they have a market to pitch to; all they have to do is impress with their products and services."

Visitors are guaranteed to find quality products from a wide mix of manufacturers, traders, and importers. Aside from a core group of exhibitors, including Manel's Leathergoods, Star Paper, Tieline, Memo King, and others, the expo also features newcomers gathered through a referral system and filtered through rigorous criteria before making the cut. They were selected based on the quality of goods and the legitimacy of their corporate gift business.

A Tieline product
During a press conference held at Sweet Bella in Greenbelt 5, Makati, members of the media got to meet representatives from three of the exhibitors. Inaki Garcia from Tieline shared that 2013 marks their company's 20th year as part of the Corporate Giveaways Expo and that the experience has been nothing but fruitful. Tieline has been providing top-quality ties, scarves, suits, and other pieces of formal apparel since 1989.

Purple Tag, represented by Chiw Bailon, on the other hand, has been a very well-received participant in the expo for 10 years. This company has been known to go above and beyond in personalizing a variety of gifts and giveaways for each of its clients. 

A Villa del Conte gift set
A newbie in the expo is Villa del Conte chocolates which offers specialty orders for events and corporate gifts. It is headed by Vince Aldanense who had the good fortune to meet the Nazzareno family of Padova, Italy and given the change to bring the irresistible Italian chocolates to Philippine shores. 

If you are looking for gifts and souvenirs that you want your recipients to really appreciate, make time this July 3-5, 2013 to drop by the SMX Convention Center located at the Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City.

Women know how it is sacrifice comfort over fashion. I know a lot of ladies who wear high heels and yet lament after a few hours how much their feet hurt. For many females though, it's still preferable to feel comfortable, rather than uneasy, with what we wear. 

People who know me well are used to seeing me wearing sandals or rubber shoes almost every day because I hate suffering from foot pain caused by pretty shoes. After all, I don't need the extra inconvenience given my busy schedule with family and work. 

Imagine my delight when I recently discovered Butterfly Twists shoes! Honestly, I find them very soft, comfortable, and fashionable to wear. Admittedly, women's shoes can make or break an outfit (thus, I am always wearing jeans and not cocktail dresses) and it's hard to find good shoes that give a perfect fit. Butterfly Twists now provides the new generation of women a better alternative!

I didn't know that this line of shoes has been in the Philippines since 2009. I found out that it originated from the United Kingdom and offered a wide array of "just-in-case" foldable footwear that provided relief from several grueling hours of wearing high heels.

This year, Butterfly Twists shifted directions and moved from being just an alternative shoe to being the perfect fit for women on the go by introducing a new and improved line that is not only stylish but also durable. Now, the shoes have thicker soles that are ready for action, making them not only nice to look at but also tough enough to complement a woman’s busy lifestyle.

Butterfly Twists Philippines’ sole distributor, Lina Claudio, believes Butterfly Twists is the perfect everyday partner for today’s modern Filipina as each pair provides a mix of fashion, comfort, and convenience. I strongly agree with that! Now, we Pinays no longer have to forego comfort for fashion because the new and improved Butterfly Twists gives us just the right mix of both.

Find your perfect fit today! I did and I'm looking forward to getting myself a couple more pairs in different colors and designs.

We all know Superman and what he can do. We also basically know the story of his beginnings.

Through the years, we've seen different actors portray Superman on TV and in films but the Man of Steel remained true to his mission: to do good for the benefit of mankind.

Although I will always treasure the movies where Christopher Reeve starred in, the newest Superman film starring Henry Cavill flies on its own merits. After all, the latest Clark Kent is someone easy to swoon about :)

Aside from his good looks though, this actor was able to portray his role very well. I can say the same thing about his co-stars Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, and Amy Adams as well as the rest of the cast.

I enjoyed the visual effects in Man Of Steel. The were done pretty well and could really pass off as scenes from other worlds apart from our own. We may just can't see or understand them for now. The costumes are also amazing.

There are also lessons here to be learned about bullying, being bullied, and how you deal with the issues that can show your true character. May parents and children find words of wisdom in the scenes showing Clark being raised well by his sensible earth parents.

This movie provides great entertainment. I recommend watching it if you are a fan of superheroes in general, not just Superman. There's always something about good triumphing over evil that will make you root for the good guys every time.

If you want to take home some mementos of Man Of Steel, make sure to drop by the nearest Jollibee branch near the cinema and buy one, or all, of these Superman collectibles available from Jollibee's Kids Meals:

More information about these limited-edition collectibles here.

* Special thanks to Jollibee and Stratworks for inviting us to the block screening!

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