Monday, April 29, 2013

Head & Shoulders Men Cool Blast Partners with the Philippine Volcanoes

In general, men and sports go hand in hand. Some may already be happy being passionate fans while others pursue their passions and become athletes to play the game. Whatever path they choose though, one thing is sure, men are willing to do almost anything to support their team.

One of the roughest sorts out there is rugby where players have to be fit and tough. They can get hit or tackled any time. But, as much as it is a physical game, the mental aspect is just as important. And, in order for a team to succeed, members should not only draw on their strengths but also maintain their focus despite the demands of the sport.

Rugby most often involve a dozen bodies tacking and piling up on each other. Add to the mix an unforgiving sun in this part of the world, keeping a cool head must be very difficult. No one understands this challenge better than the Philippine Volcanoes.

Recently, the team partnered with Head & Shoulders which recently launched a cool men's line called Head & Shoulders Men Cool Blast. It is said to remove up to 100% dandruff forever with regular use and it also has menthol to give a refreshing sensation in the shower.

Team captain Michael Letts shared, "Head & Shoulders Men helps us keep a cool head both on and off the field." His brother, and fellow Philippine Volcano Jake Letts added, "On the field, it's all about focus during the play. With Head & Shoulders, we not only have a healthy scalp free from distractions like itchiness or irritation. With [this new product], we also [get to have] a literally cool head."

According to Philippine Volcano and psychiatrist Michael Duhig, losing one's cool can keep you from performing your best. "Whether in a rugby game, on a note date, or in an office meeting; staying calm and cool, even when the heat is on, can mean the difference between getting ahead and losing."

In an event held at URBN Bar in Bonifacio Global City and hosted by Rovilson Fernandez, Volcano members showed off their brute strength by enthusiastically joining games and partnering with members of the media. 

By keeping a cool head under high pressure, the Volcanoes were able to clinch the final ticket to qualify for the 2013 Rugby World Cup Sevens in Moscow! Their cool headedness will definitely serve them well in future matches such as when they play against Hong Kong on May 4 at the Rizal Stadium.

Congratulations Philippine Volcanoes! Keep on winning for the country!

* To view more photos taken during the event, please click here

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