Thursday, April 25, 2013

Get Loyalty Rewards On-The-Go with the Pouch Mobile App

I am wary of getting loyalty cards that require customers to reach a certain number of stamps before one can redeem rewards or freebies. I still have several in my old wallet which are partially filled with stickers or stamps. 

Most times, people find it inconvenient to have lots of these cards in their wallets but they can't seem to leave them behind because they might just find themselves at a certain store without a specific card and lose the chance to get more points.

Enter Pouch, a loyalty reward program that will make half-completed loyalty reward cards a thing of the past. Pouch is an all-in-one rewards app that lets users carry virtual loyalty cards in their smartphones instead. According to Graeme Perkins, Director of Easy Touch, Pouch is the latest development in making mobile devices even more fun for consumers.

Pouch, which originated in Indonesia, currently has 16 local partners in the Philippines and many more to come. It is projected to become one of Metro Manila consumers' must-downloads on their iPhones, Android phones, or Blackberries. After purchasing something at a partner store, you just need to scan a QR code which counts as a digital stamp that will earn you rewards as you accumulate more stamps.

Rewards are available in restaurants and bars such as Big Bad Wolf, and other lifestyle establishments that range from personal care services like David's Salon to eyewear like Sarabia Optical. Just bring your phone with the installed Pouch app to avail of exclusive discounts and freebies. This is definitely a great improvement to bringing a separate card for each brand.

As to security, Pouch ensures that users remain protected from possible malicious activities. The app's servers monitor all incoming data very closely and tracks any suspicious behavior to allow users to have fun without worrying about abuse of their personal information.

This paper- and worry-free accessibility of rewards will enable every user to get more out of the things they love. For more details, contact Pouch at 218.5464 or 0905.5597419 or visit Like them on Facebook (PouchPH) and follow @PouchPH on Twitter for more updates on promos.

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