Saturday, April 20, 2013

Electrolux Launches New Range of Refrigerators and Washing Machines

I think every mom often wishes that she has more time to do other stuff than spend precious extra minutes doing house chores. I know I do! Many times, I get frustrated when I wash our clothes because the act of transferring them from the washer to the spinner to and fro takes up a lot of time, which I should have been spending doing other things around the house or finishing my writing deadlines.

Electrolux asks, when was the last time you actually escaped from the long hours of doing housework and did something for yourself? Wouldn't it be wonderful to escape from the regular grind of doing tasks in the house?

At the Electrolux Everyday Escape Launch and Lounge Party held in Makati Shangri-la the other night, guests were introduced to the newest range of appliances that can help moms gain a sense of balance and harmony inside their homes by minimizing the stresses of everyday chores.

The products, which include the FlexFresh and Nutrifresh refrigerators and Time Manager washing machines, combine cutting edge innovation with a strong European design heritage to help Filipinos achieve blissful living the easy way.

According to Andrea Pionilla, Group Product Manager of Electrolux Philippines, Inc., they would like to help consumers relax and stop worrying over things in the kitchen or with their laundry. "A home is not meant to be a stressful and tiring environment," she pointed out. "Launching products that think and reflect the way we live is at the heart of our design philosophy; and our latest appliances are a testament to that."

The latest range of refrigerators from Electrolux doesn't just preserve food well, but also comes with features that help enrich flavors. For instance, the NutriFresh refs come equipped with NutriLight, a patented system of LEDs that boosts the vitamin content of fruits and vegetables. Both FlexFresh and NutriFresh refrigerators make every storage challenges a thing of the past with adjustable shelves to provide more storage options for larger containers and bag clips to hang and store items straight from the market.

On the other hand, the Time Manager front-load range of washing machines are designed to be gentler on clothes, your pocket, and the environment at the touch of a button. It offers customizable wash times based on soil level thus saving time and energy with every wash. The Vapour Action function gently relaxes fabrics and eliminates up to 99.9% of allergens to achieve cleaner and more hygienic clothes while the new Load Sensor technology ensures every load is optimized by intuitively weighing the load before recommending the cycle and quantity of detergent needed.

In between product presentations, Electrolux trade partners and media guests were treated to performers by the all-girls group Baihana and Martin Nievera who had his twin sister, Vicky, make an appearance and sing a couple of songs with him. 

I'd have to say that Martin continues to be the charming performer after all these years. He delighted everyone when he sat on top of a washing machine "to prove how durable it is" as he was belting out a song. He also roamed around the tables and serenaded several female members of the audience while grabbing a tablet or camera here and there and taking photos of the guests and of himself much to the laughter of those who were present that night.

Electrolux was able to make the event unique by presenting the products via a video with a live, white-clad model on stage who interacted with the projections happening on screen. The ballroom was also transformed into a big beach setting through wall to wall projections of relaxing water and sunset scenes.

Pionilla shared that every new product from Electrolux is developed based on extensive consumer insight, gathered from thousands of interviews and home visits where they observe how consumers use and interact with their household appliances. "By examining these trends, we can better understand how to further enhance our products with new innovations and continue to make a positive difference to their lives everyday," she concluded.

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