Celebrities Help Make Children's Future Brighter Through World Vision's Race for Hope

I've been blogging about World Vision for years because I believe in its commitment to uplift the lives of poor children through education. As a mother and a WV child sponsor, I believe in how important it is to raise children with proper education as well as values that can help them be good citizens and responsible adults in the future.  

Jun Godornes, Miriam Quiambao, TinTin Babao, Anthony Valenzuela
This year, before another school year starts, World Vision Philippines launched a new fundraising campaign called Celebrities for Children: The Race for Hope. Four well-known Filipino personalities, who are already sponsoring children through World Vision have pledged that they will find more sponsors for at least 1,000 poor children in the country by encouraging their family, friends, and fans to also send at least one child to school.

During a press con held the other day, two of the four participants who responded to the call and accepted the challenge joined WV staff and members of the media to affirm their desire to help. TV host Christine Bersola-Babao and beauty queen Miriam Quaimbao were there to answer questions while entrepreneur Cristalle Belo Henares and movie/TV actress Ann Curtis sent messages through video clips.

World Vision Associate Director for Public Engagement Jun Godornes shared, "Through this project, World Vision celebrities will have the opportunity to experience deeper and meaningful engagements, making them ambassadors for children and fundraisers-in-action."

He added that all four may use any fundraising strategy as long as it abides with World Vision's ethical guidelines and child protection policies. "They may tap as many channels as they wish: social media, conduct of special events, media guestings, etc. But the celebrities themselves shall initiate these engagements," clarified Godornes.

The campaign is considered a race because the first celebrity to gather 300 sponsors before July 23, 2013 will get to visit a World Vision-assisted community in Africa. Now that's a nice prize! The ladies assured everyone though that it would still remain a friendly competition

It was likewise great to hear the story of Cherry Marcelo, a former sponsored child, first hand. Because of what she went through, she developed a heart for helping children and is now a staff of World Vision. She, and others like her, such as the Philippine Coast Guard's Commander Armand Balilo and Kariton Classroom's Efren Penaflorida (who has also been hailed CNN Hero), are actually making a difference in our country today.

TinTin and her funny hashtag
Support your favorite celebrity and help World Vision in this campaign by visiting this link to know more: http://worldvision.org.ph/campaigns/celebrity-for-children/index.html

Someday, the Philippines may have more leaders that were former WV sponsored children. Wouldn't it be great to know that they were not only educated well but were also raised with Godly principles? This is made possible because a World Vision child sponsorship assures the overall well-being of children. It provides children access to basic healthcare, education, values-formation activities, and sustainable livelihood for their families.

TinTin, Miriam, Cherry, and Jun
By sponsoring, you will help secure the future of not only your sponsored child but also his/her family and their entire community as well. Moreover, you will know where your money is going because you will receive regular reports and updates about your sponsored child.

Be part of the solution. Donate for this worthwhile cause and sponsor a child in need!

* To see more photos taken during the press con, please click here.

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