Thursday, April 04, 2013

Caribbean: High Quality Footwear, Proudly Made in the Philippines

For years, I've been wearing various kinds of slippers and I could say there was only one brand I truly like wearing (it starts with an M, not an H). Yesterday, I discovered a brand of flip-flops that are very comfortable to wear but don't cost an arm and a leg. 

My criteria for choosing these kinds of footwear? First, they have to be comfortable to wear. Second, they must be durable. What's the use of a really pretty pair of slippers if you'll only be able to wear them for a week or two, right? Third, they must look good and not appear like those low quality ones you could buy off the sidewalks or palengke for P50 or less.  Fourth, they must give value for money. Honestly, I consider a pair of slippers that goes over P500 already expensive.

So imagine my delight when I got introduced to Caribbean footwear. They not only possess all the features I want in slippers (comfortable, durable, fashionable), they're also made in the Philippines! That means buying them will also help provide income for Filipino workers.

The makers of Caribbean actually started manufacturing products for big footwear companies in 1995. By 2010, they decided to create a brand of their own and came up with a name that connotes summer, the beach, and being laid-back. 

Caribbean flip-flops boast of several notable traits that make them highly recommended. One, the strap was developed using cutting-edge technology that perfected the integration of comfort, durability, and elegance. Two, the balancing act of the toe area is well-supported by the footwear's structure without compromising fashion and creativity. Three, the mid-foot curve was artistically formed to create proper foot formation and posture that will enhance endurance while walking or running. Four, the sole provides ultimate protection because it was scientifically designed to mold the wearer's foot to perfectly fit amidst mobility. Fifth, each slipper protects users from accidents thanks to its anti-slip technology.

This summer, Caribbean is proud to unveil its Urban Safari Collection in bold prints, vibrant colors and chic neutrals for both men and women consumers. During the collection's launch yesterday, the organizers ran out of size 6 flip-flops so I was given a pair from another collection. I was actually crushing on something else with gold straps but somebody got hold of it before I did. 

It was funny though that when my husband and I went grocery shopping at Shopwise in Festival Mall earlier, I saw the exact Caribbean design I want. Of course I bought it right there and then. It was really soft to wear and the price was very affordable at P179.75! According to Caribbean representatives who were with us during the event yesterday, their footwear's prices range from P180 - P300 only at a quality that is at par with expensive imported slippers that go through customs, are paid taxes for, and which drive the prices up. So I felt really good buying something for summer wear that is within my budget, looks great, and would surely be with me for a long time.

Know more about these really nice footwear by checking out the Caribbean Website, Facebook, Instagram (caribbeanph), and Twitter accounts. 

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