I am a big fan of Dole Philippines because it has a lot of delicious products that my whole family enjoys snacking on and which I also often use when cooking our favorite dishes.

Yesterday was a fruitful day for Dole as it launched a new campaign dubbed This Is My Dole that aims to promote the message of wellness through nutrition, beauty, and health for everyone. After all, there is a Dole product that is sure to satisfy anyone's needs and taste preferences. 

The fresh and hot line-up of Dole's ambassadors was also introduced to members of the media. All four are perfect examples of people with active and healthy lifestyles.

Bianca Valerio, the brand's all around glamazon, is one of they country's favorite fashion and beauty personalities. Her striking good looks and killer physique epitomize all the is glamorous about living a healthy life. 

Chef Jeremy Favia, the handsome chef and gourmand we see on TV cooking shows, shared that it's quite easy to create and prepare quick and easy healthy recipes for health-conscious individuals.

Jon Avila is likewise a wellness addict who has never had a problem with staying fit as he makes it a point to break a sweat and eat healthy. His strong arms and washboard abs are definitely proof that the sun is not the only thing that sizzles this season LOL!

Phil Younghusband, one of the country's hottest football players, is known to lead a very active and busy life. His talents are not limited to sports though as he is also one of the most-sought after product endorsers in the industry. He manifests the strength and vigor that is perfect for Dole Philippines' image.

During the launch, which was held at the Mandarin Oriental, Dole executives unveiled a new video that will serve as This Is My Dole's anthem. It features the different ambassadors doing what they do best while enjoying their favorite Dole products that best suit their lifestyles. 

Everyone present had a great time enjoying healthy cocktails and refreshing Dole drinks that made it easy to escape summer's hot weather.

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In general, men and sports go hand in hand. Some may already be happy being passionate fans while others pursue their passions and become athletes to play the game. Whatever path they choose though, one thing is sure, men are willing to do almost anything to support their team.

One of the roughest sorts out there is rugby where players have to be fit and tough. They can get hit or tackled any time. But, as much as it is a physical game, the mental aspect is just as important. And, in order for a team to succeed, members should not only draw on their strengths but also maintain their focus despite the demands of the sport.

Rugby most often involve a dozen bodies tacking and piling up on each other. Add to the mix an unforgiving sun in this part of the world, keeping a cool head must be very difficult. No one understands this challenge better than the Philippine Volcanoes.

Recently, the team partnered with Head & Shoulders which recently launched a cool men's line called Head & Shoulders Men Cool Blast. It is said to remove up to 100% dandruff forever with regular use and it also has menthol to give a refreshing sensation in the shower.

Team captain Michael Letts shared, "Head & Shoulders Men helps us keep a cool head both on and off the field." His brother, and fellow Philippine Volcano Jake Letts added, "On the field, it's all about focus during the play. With Head & Shoulders, we not only have a healthy scalp free from distractions like itchiness or irritation. With [this new product], we also [get to have] a literally cool head."

According to Philippine Volcano and psychiatrist Michael Duhig, losing one's cool can keep you from performing your best. "Whether in a rugby game, on a note date, or in an office meeting; staying calm and cool, even when the heat is on, can mean the difference between getting ahead and losing."

In an event held at URBN Bar in Bonifacio Global City and hosted by Rovilson Fernandez, Volcano members showed off their brute strength by enthusiastically joining games and partnering with members of the media. 

By keeping a cool head under high pressure, the Volcanoes were able to clinch the final ticket to qualify for the 2013 Rugby World Cup Sevens in Moscow! Their cool headedness will definitely serve them well in future matches such as when they play against Hong Kong on May 4 at the Rizal Stadium.

Congratulations Philippine Volcanoes! Keep on winning for the country!

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TV viewers are more discriminating these days as the market becomes more saturated with various technologies that make visual entertainment more fun.

Last Thursday, executives of Toshiba Philippines showcased the capabilities of the CEVO 4K, the second generation 4K video processing engine that was pioneered by Toshiba. This technology promises to bring "true image" to Filipino homes through television.

Tomayasu Yamamoto, Toshiba Philippines President, told us that the superior technology they have developed is a product of the company's commitment to manufacture each television unit with the highest engineering and technological capability. "We pursue the real high picture quality for our users. Through the years, we have established and perfected hardware in semiconductor technology [combining] it with software grounded on Toshiba's skill and thought." These, he said, are what provide outstanding reality to the images in every Toshiba TV.

The Cevo 4K is Toshiba's core technology for television that elevates TV image quality and restores precision to provide viewers with superior picture for contents like Blu-ray, HD TV, and 4K video. This is a much improved version of the 4K video format that Toshiba launched in 2011. What does 4K means? Not PhP4000 definitely LOL! It actually means four times the pixels of full HD or, to make it much simpler, it means onscreen images will appear closest to the way they look in real life.

We got to observe that first hand when Yuuji Motomura, an engineer who heads product planning for Toshiba's TV division, showed us the differences between the colors of an image when viewed on a normal HD screen as compared to a TV that uses 4K technology like Toshiba's Ultra HD 84-inch LED. 

The clips from an animated film available in Blu-ray, which was shown to us, further demonstrated how CEVO  4K gave a near 4K level picture quality to the movie because it can improve precision up to 90% of the original content. Ergo, there is this sense of unmatched reality in terms of viewing experience! 

Taking into account their philosophy of bringing out the natural look and feel of real life, he pointed out that televisions nowadays are being made to create a wow feeling thus, the bigger the screen, the more the excitement. Unfortunately, in most bigger screens, even images shot in full HD can look pixelized. "It is not enough that the TV screen is big," he explained. "It also has to be equipped with the technology that maintains the high picture quality to enhance the viewing experience."

However, Philippine local TV networks are still broadcasting in standard definition but are expected to go into full HD in the next couple of years. When this happens, there would definitely be a shift, if not a mass migration, to better TV models that will give justice to the high-tech formats programs are produced in. 

Present during the launch was Paul Soriano, one of the Philippines' most in-demand advertising directors. He affirmed that, in his line of work, he does not compromise on visual quality. "Toshiba's CEVO 4K technology is top notch in precision. The sense of detail and sharpness is excellent and the way it captures natural light and skin tones. If you’re the type who likes to watch videos in Blu Ray and TV programs that are broadcast in HD, it’s definitely something you’d want your TV to be equipped with," he advised. "It will be a waste not to enjoy the full benefits of HD broadcast if your TV set is not optimum. Most certainly, it makes for pleasurable viewing. ”

YugaTech's Abe Olandres was likewise impressed with the capability of the CEVO 4K to enhance image quality. “Where Toshiba has taken TV technology is quite remarkable, you can tell they are very serious about perfecting the technology. I can see how the CEVO 4K models will appeal to a set of consumers who expect a lot from their TV sets and enjoy the reality feel when watching. Those who have a strong appreciation of video technology will definitely want to get a hold of this.”

I have to tell you though that the price of a Toshiba 4K TV can be pretty steep but, if you are nuts about having the best viewing experience possible and have the deep pocket to indulge that preference, you may want to consider getting one. The pictures are definitely impressive!

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Beat the heat of summer! Don't let the hot weather get you down! Did you know that it's super easy to create your own ice cream cake using Selecta Ice Cream and Graham Crackers? Let my son show you how. Even young kids can help their moms make this super easy recipe!

You will need:
1 Selecta Super Thick Classic 1.5L in Chocolate, Mantecado, and Mango flavor
1 200g. pack M.Y. San Graham Honey Crackers

1. On a pan, start with a layer of graham crackers.
2. Add a half-inch thick layer of ice cream.
3. Repeat layering until you have a beautiful ice cream cake.

You have the option to top the cake with your favorite fruits. Refrigerate overnight for best results.

Enjoy eating with the whole family! We did! :)

I am wary of getting loyalty cards that require customers to reach a certain number of stamps before one can redeem rewards or freebies. I still have several in my old wallet which are partially filled with stickers or stamps. 

Most times, people find it inconvenient to have lots of these cards in their wallets but they can't seem to leave them behind because they might just find themselves at a certain store without a specific card and lose the chance to get more points.

Enter Pouch, a loyalty reward program that will make half-completed loyalty reward cards a thing of the past. Pouch is an all-in-one rewards app that lets users carry virtual loyalty cards in their smartphones instead. According to Graeme Perkins, Director of Easy Touch, Pouch is the latest development in making mobile devices even more fun for consumers.

Pouch, which originated in Indonesia, currently has 16 local partners in the Philippines and many more to come. It is projected to become one of Metro Manila consumers' must-downloads on their iPhones, Android phones, or Blackberries. After purchasing something at a partner store, you just need to scan a QR code which counts as a digital stamp that will earn you rewards as you accumulate more stamps.

Rewards are available in restaurants and bars such as Big Bad Wolf, and other lifestyle establishments that range from personal care services like David's Salon to eyewear like Sarabia Optical. Just bring your phone with the installed Pouch app to avail of exclusive discounts and freebies. This is definitely a great improvement to bringing a separate card for each brand.

As to security, Pouch ensures that users remain protected from possible malicious activities. The app's servers monitor all incoming data very closely and tracks any suspicious behavior to allow users to have fun without worrying about abuse of their personal information.

This paper- and worry-free accessibility of rewards will enable every user to get more out of the things they love. For more details, contact Pouch at 218.5464 or 0905.5597419 or visit www.pouch.ph. Like them on Facebook (PouchPH) and follow @PouchPH on Twitter for more updates on promos.

I've been blogging about World Vision for years because I believe in its commitment to uplift the lives of poor children through education. As a mother and a WV child sponsor, I believe in how important it is to raise children with proper education as well as values that can help them be good citizens and responsible adults in the future.  

Jun Godornes, Miriam Quiambao, TinTin Babao, Anthony Valenzuela
This year, before another school year starts, World Vision Philippines launched a new fundraising campaign called Celebrities for Children: The Race for Hope. Four well-known Filipino personalities, who are already sponsoring children through World Vision have pledged that they will find more sponsors for at least 1,000 poor children in the country by encouraging their family, friends, and fans to also send at least one child to school.

During a press con held the other day, two of the four participants who responded to the call and accepted the challenge joined WV staff and members of the media to affirm their desire to help. TV host Christine Bersola-Babao and beauty queen Miriam Quaimbao were there to answer questions while entrepreneur Cristalle Belo Henares and movie/TV actress Ann Curtis sent messages through video clips.

World Vision Associate Director for Public Engagement Jun Godornes shared, "Through this project, World Vision celebrities will have the opportunity to experience deeper and meaningful engagements, making them ambassadors for children and fundraisers-in-action."

He added that all four may use any fundraising strategy as long as it abides with World Vision's ethical guidelines and child protection policies. "They may tap as many channels as they wish: social media, conduct of special events, media guestings, etc. But the celebrities themselves shall initiate these engagements," clarified Godornes.

The campaign is considered a race because the first celebrity to gather 300 sponsors before July 23, 2013 will get to visit a World Vision-assisted community in Africa. Now that's a nice prize! The ladies assured everyone though that it would still remain a friendly competition

It was likewise great to hear the story of Cherry Marcelo, a former sponsored child, first hand. Because of what she went through, she developed a heart for helping children and is now a staff of World Vision. She, and others like her, such as the Philippine Coast Guard's Commander Armand Balilo and Kariton Classroom's Efren Penaflorida (who has also been hailed CNN Hero), are actually making a difference in our country today.

TinTin and her funny hashtag
Support your favorite celebrity and help World Vision in this campaign by visiting this link to know more: http://worldvision.org.ph/campaigns/celebrity-for-children/index.html

Someday, the Philippines may have more leaders that were former WV sponsored children. Wouldn't it be great to know that they were not only educated well but were also raised with Godly principles? This is made possible because a World Vision child sponsorship assures the overall well-being of children. It provides children access to basic healthcare, education, values-formation activities, and sustainable livelihood for their families.

TinTin, Miriam, Cherry, and Jun
By sponsoring, you will help secure the future of not only your sponsored child but also his/her family and their entire community as well. Moreover, you will know where your money is going because you will receive regular reports and updates about your sponsored child.

Be part of the solution. Donate for this worthwhile cause and sponsor a child in need!

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I am guilty of skipping breakfast most of the time. With my hectic work life, I think I have perfected the art of the get-up-and-go lifestyle right after I wake up and go through the usual grooming rituals. Still, even if I don't eat solids in the morning, I make sure to drink something hot to warm my tummy and usually resort to preparing a mug of chocolate milk for myself.

Iced coffee that's perfect for hot summer mornings!
I like drinking 3-in-1 coffee mixes but find that if I don't drink that with food, my stomach gets hyper acidic immediately after. So I only drink coffee if I have time to grab a sandwich or several spoonfuls of fried rice and viand to avoid the consequences.

According to statistics, millions of Filipinos drink coffee every day. In fact, an estimated 8 out of 10 Pinoys are said to drink at least 2 cups of either hot or cold coffee daily. It's not surprising since coffee does help perk up lazy mornings and sleepy afternoons.

Various studies have revealed in recent years that drinking coffee in moderation even helps reduce the risks for type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, dementia, heart and cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and cancers of the liver, kidney, and prostate. 

Like me, while a lot of people would like to enjoy cup after cup of this stimulating brew, some cut back on consumption because it produces rumbles in the tummy that can be counterproductive to a very busy day.

Recently, I discovered Kopiko L.A. Coffee, the first low-acid coffee mix in the Philippines especially formulated to help coffee aficionados with sensitive tummies enjoy more cups of coffee. I've read that this variant is made from selected grade one coffee beans that undergo a controlled roasting process to reduce its acidity and make it smooth and stomach-friendly.

Michael Tandas, Kopiko brand manager expressed his excitement about launching L.A. Coffee, their latest innovation. "It's robust coffee aroma, light blend, creamy taste, and low acid level make Kopiko L.A. Coffee a healthier choice."

I agree. I like the taste of this coffee variant. It has a creamy, light blend that goes well with my taste buds as I don't enjoy drinking too bitter coffee brews. It also doesn't leave my tummy at war whenever I drink it without food and I can enjoy it hot or cold. If you tend to have a sour stomach like me, you may want to try this too!

Kopiko L.A. Coffee is available at all leading groceries and supermarkets nationwide at only P6.00 per sachet. It is manufactured by PT Mayora and distributed by TriDharma Marketing Corporation.

Two years ago, I got to watch some of the races in Nuvali Dirt Weekend 2011. It was an exciting event to see young and young-at-heart bikers perform stunts and compete for places while obviously having fun.

This coming weekend, cycling enthusiasts are setting their sights once more on a weekend of adventure during the Dirt Weekend Invitational happening from April 26 to 28 in Nuvali, a beautiful community in Laguna that's only 46 kilometers south of Metro Manila.

The event is a preview for the widely-anticipated annual Dirt Weekend in November. During the press con held at Skinny Mike's in Bonifacio Global City, organizers hinted of greater things that await the cycling community as it introduces a sanctioned race on the upcoming invitational cycling spectacle. The two-day competition will feature Cross Country (XCO / XCR) and Four Cross events.

Biking enthusiasts are encouraged to brace themselves for the future standard of cycling events in the country as Nuvali's flagship outdoor cycling event earns a professional badge this season. The premier sports venue, together with the organizers, sought to define the future of professional cycling competitions from the Switzerland-based world governing body Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and national federation Integrated Cycling Confederation of the Philippines (Philcycling)

Atty. Avelino Sumagui, Philcycling's Secretary General, assures enthusiasts that the Dirt Weekend is one way to enter the National Bikers' list. All participating cyclists are required to secure the national federation's license since the competition will be monitored by local and foreign federation representatives. Expected UCI commissaries to judge the competition are Beatrice Lajawa of Malaysia and Oscar Rodriguez of the Philippines. 

Event organizer Athena Mendoza shared that cyclists only have to pay P150 for the UCI cycling license while an entry fee of P500 per rider will include a kit with a jersey and food stub. Acknowledging Nuvali's environmental protection advocacy, she further announced that they encourage riders to bring their own water bottles or hand in disposable bottles at the water stations along the race routes.

Mr. Jun Bisnar, VP of Ayala Land, Inc., reiterated Nuvali's commitment to promoting healthy living and sports as the 1,860-hectare Ayala Land development continues to live up as an eco-community where business and recreation meet. Moreover, he enumerated the benefits of going biking instead of using other modes of transportation. "Biking minimizes the poisonous gasses emitted by cars. At Nuvali, we provide bike parking facilities and bikes for rent to encourage everyone to go biking." 

Local squads such as Bikeworx, Sabak, Potato Corner, Yellow Cab, KTM, John Wilkie, EXO (Executive Off-Road Cycling Association), Cycleline (Mindanao), and Prima / Isuzu D-Max are expected to participate. In addition, some high profile members of the current and former national team joining the weekend competition are Eusebio Quinones, March Aleonar, Frederick Feliciano, and Alvin Benosa

Many of us admit that we are so busy with work that we don't have much time to exercise or unwind as much as we want to. We also find it hard to look for a place where we could integrate leisure, wellness, and work.

Here's good news to those who live in the South area of Manila. The Village Sports Club (VSC) in Paranaque City, inside BF Homes, offers a venue where members can do business, stay healthy, and unwind. It offers a wide range of facilities and activities to those who have a busy, but want a healthy, lifestyle.

At the VSC, you can conduct business in one of their spacious function rooms where you'll have the latest business tools, like an interactive projector and LED screens, at your disposal. After work, you can immediately unwind in VSC's Zenith Wellness Center which is more than just a place to indulge in holistic spa treatments. Indulge in a full line of facilities ranging from a state-of-the-art gym and spa to sauna and steam rooms.

The gym is equipped with high-tech exercise machines from Technogym, including the strength and cardio equipment that were carefully handpicked to provide guests the ultimate workout experience.

For the sports buffs, there are also modern facilities such as an indoor basketball court, indoor badminton courts, covered clay tennis courts, swimming pools, videoke/gaming rooms, and bowling alley. We toured the place and I was quite impressed at how nice and well-maintained everything is. 

If your family and friends love to eat, you can also dine from a selection of different dining establishments whether it's for a simple family gathering or a grand celebration. VSC offers venues for both indoor and outdoor occasions. For instance, the Verde Events Lawn would be a great setting for weddings or debut parties while the Kiddie Pool Deck beside the Water Playground can provide a fun ambiance for children's parties.

With the development of VSC's Phase 2, club members can expect more venue options for business events needs as the ballroom and function rooms offer ideal places for both business activities and parties. Personally, I love staying on the roof deck during the late afternoon because that was where I got these great shots of the setting sun.

Inquire how you can be a member to enjoy the privileges that come with being part of this exclusive community. Visit The Village Sports Club at El Grande corner Tropical Avenue, BF Homes Paranaque City, call (02) 822-1000, or email vsc@thevillagesportsclub.com

I think every mom often wishes that she has more time to do other stuff than spend precious extra minutes doing house chores. I know I do! Many times, I get frustrated when I wash our clothes because the act of transferring them from the washer to the spinner to and fro takes up a lot of time, which I should have been spending doing other things around the house or finishing my writing deadlines.

Electrolux asks, when was the last time you actually escaped from the long hours of doing housework and did something for yourself? Wouldn't it be wonderful to escape from the regular grind of doing tasks in the house?

At the Electrolux Everyday Escape Launch and Lounge Party held in Makati Shangri-la the other night, guests were introduced to the newest range of appliances that can help moms gain a sense of balance and harmony inside their homes by minimizing the stresses of everyday chores.

The products, which include the FlexFresh and Nutrifresh refrigerators and Time Manager washing machines, combine cutting edge innovation with a strong European design heritage to help Filipinos achieve blissful living the easy way.

According to Andrea Pionilla, Group Product Manager of Electrolux Philippines, Inc., they would like to help consumers relax and stop worrying over things in the kitchen or with their laundry. "A home is not meant to be a stressful and tiring environment," she pointed out. "Launching products that think and reflect the way we live is at the heart of our design philosophy; and our latest appliances are a testament to that."

The latest range of refrigerators from Electrolux doesn't just preserve food well, but also comes with features that help enrich flavors. For instance, the NutriFresh refs come equipped with NutriLight, a patented system of LEDs that boosts the vitamin content of fruits and vegetables. Both FlexFresh and NutriFresh refrigerators make every storage challenges a thing of the past with adjustable shelves to provide more storage options for larger containers and bag clips to hang and store items straight from the market.

On the other hand, the Time Manager front-load range of washing machines are designed to be gentler on clothes, your pocket, and the environment at the touch of a button. It offers customizable wash times based on soil level thus saving time and energy with every wash. The Vapour Action function gently relaxes fabrics and eliminates up to 99.9% of allergens to achieve cleaner and more hygienic clothes while the new Load Sensor technology ensures every load is optimized by intuitively weighing the load before recommending the cycle and quantity of detergent needed.

In between product presentations, Electrolux trade partners and media guests were treated to performers by the all-girls group Baihana and Martin Nievera who had his twin sister, Vicky, make an appearance and sing a couple of songs with him. 

I'd have to say that Martin continues to be the charming performer after all these years. He delighted everyone when he sat on top of a washing machine "to prove how durable it is" as he was belting out a song. He also roamed around the tables and serenaded several female members of the audience while grabbing a tablet or camera here and there and taking photos of the guests and of himself much to the laughter of those who were present that night.

Electrolux was able to make the event unique by presenting the products via a video with a live, white-clad model on stage who interacted with the projections happening on screen. The ballroom was also transformed into a big beach setting through wall to wall projections of relaxing water and sunset scenes.

Pionilla shared that every new product from Electrolux is developed based on extensive consumer insight, gathered from thousands of interviews and home visits where they observe how consumers use and interact with their household appliances. "By examining these trends, we can better understand how to further enhance our products with new innovations and continue to make a positive difference to their lives everyday," she concluded.

My family has been regular viewers of Discovery Kids ever since our cable provider offered that channel to subscribers several years ago. I continue to learn a lot, too, from the shows my kids usually watch. One of our favorites was Bindi The Jungle Girl which features a cute, little tot who really knows what she's talking about when it comes to taking care of animals. 

Bindi, who has grown up to be a beautiful teenager, is now Australia's favorite wildlife conservationist. The daughter of the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, she has nurtured her father's legacy well. Last Wednesday, I had a chance to meet this impressive young lady along with her mom Terri and her brother Robert, who are also passionate animal lovers. 

The Irwins visited Ark Avilon Zoo in Manila to launch a co-branded wildlife conservation initiative between Discovery Kids and Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors (AZWW). They encouraged Filipino kids to follow in Bindi's footsteps by getting involved in protecting local wildlife and the environment.

Titled Discovery Kids and Wildlife Warriors, the call-to-action initiative is an extension of AZWW, a charity founded by the family in 2002 to involve people in supporting the protection of injured, threatened, or endangered wildlife. Kids and their parents are urged to learn more about this advocacy by signing up at www.dkids.asia.

During the press conference, Bindi talked about how committed she and her brother are in continuing what Steve and Terri started many years ago. The very articulate 14-year-old shared to media guests what it takes to be a young Wildlife Warrior and shared stories about growing up at the Australia Zoo which was established by her parents in the 1990's.

It was very refreshing to watch the family animatedly talk about their adventures on taking care of animals and provide tips to the kids in the audience how they, too, can make a difference for the environment. While they are there, Ark Avilon gave them the honor of naming two prominent animals of the zoo. Bindi christened a 3-year-old Philippine Crocodile as "Warrior" while 9-year-old Robert named a Gray Monitor Lizard or Butaan, after his sister Bindi.

Terri, who expressed her excitement of finally getting to see a Philippine Crocodile up close exclaimed that it is "the most exciting thing!" in her life but was quick to tell her kids, "next to having you guys!" which made us all laugh. Their genuine delight at being with the zoo's residents was contagious. Everyone was smiling as we watched the family handle the animals with gentleness and respect.

The Irwins' visit to the Philippines was part of an Asian tour to promote two Discovery Kids programs:

BINDI’S BOOTCAMP: REBOOT hosted by Bindi, currently airs on Discovery Kids (SKYCable Channel 120 and CableLink Channel 23), every Monday at 10.30 am with encores the same day at 4.30 pm and 8.00 pm respectively. 

STEVE IRWIN’S WILDLIFE WARRIORS showcases the Australia Zoo crew in action including appearances from Bindi, Robert and Terri – premieres every weekday at 8:00 p.m. beginning 10 July. 

My son and I with the Irwins
As a parent, I highly recommend fellow moms and dads to have their children watch Discovery Kids over any other channel because it offers a combination of educational and entertainment content not only to school age kids but also for adults who don't get tired of learning new things.

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