Friday, March 29, 2013

Move in Comfort with MOVING COMFORT Sports Bra

Not all sports bras are created equal and yet, a lot of women still seem to ignore this fact! Did you know  that 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong-sized bra?

Wearing a well-fitting sports bra should be a priority when choosing exercise clothes. It will not only offer optimum support but will also add to your physical ease and comfort. Those are elements that a good workout should never be without. Otherwise, you might lose the motivation and interest to keep exercising.

Here are several benefits why women should wear a good sports bra:

1. Breasts are composed of fatty tissue and too much bounce can stretch the ligaments. The right fit will prevent your breasts from sagging and damaging tissue during intense workouts.
2. A good bra will keep your breasts snug without digging into your flesh or making it hard to breathe. Choose one that will mold to your body's curves in the right areas. There should be no under-wiring or tight straps that dig into skin.
3. A sports bra's material will help absorb sweat to keep you dry and comfortable as much as possible while going through a workout.
4. The ideal bra will save you from breast and upper back pain, and shoulder problems.

Like good running shoes or a fab workout outfit, sports bras must be considered as essential exercise equipment. If you do activities limited to up and down movement, go for medium support. If you prefer high motion activities like jumping and bouncing, choose a higher level of support.

A couple of weeks ago, I started using a pair of Moving Comfort sports bra. Unlike my husband who's an avid runner, I get my exercise through brisk walking and wall climbing. I found the Venus sports bra really comfortable to wear. It has seam-free molded cups that provide a smooth shape; at the same time, the plush-backed hook and eye closure offers adjustability and comfort.

Other features of Moving Comfort that women should take note of are the Shaped and Adjustable Straps, which offer a custom fit as well as help stabilize and are cushioned for comfort; the Bonded Areas, which offer strong support, less bulk, and smooth, no-chafe comfort; the Contour Cups, which provide added shape, support, and modesty (you can work out just using a sports bra and look fashionable at the same time!); the Wide Bottom Band under the cups, which provides foundational support; and the Powermesh Zones that add support and ventilation.

Learn more about proper fitting and how to choose the right kind of sports bra for you. Visit Moving Comfort's "Fitting Room" where there are lots of resources like trivia, statistics, tips, and more.

One of the new things I learned is that no bra should celebrate a birthday! Here are care instructions to ensure your bra lives a longer and healthier life:

1. Keep it fresh by washing it every 1-3 wears to remove the build-up of sweat, dirt, and bacteria which break down the fabric.
2. Keep it safe. A good option is to fasten the hooks before throwing your bra in the washing machine. A better option is to wash it while inside a lingerie bag. The best option is to hand wash your bra to give it extra care.
3. Keep it cool by hanging it dry or tumbling it dry on low setting. Don't toss your bra in the dryer because that can wear down the fabric and moisture management properties.
4. Keep it breathing. Avoid using dryer sheets or fabric softeners that can "coat" the material and keep it from breathing.
5. Keep it new. Depending on how often a sports bra is worn, it must be replaced every 6-12 months.

Last tip: The ultimate sports bra wardrobe would have three bras in rotation -- one on the body, one in the wash, and one hanging to dry.

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