Saturday, March 30, 2013

Korean Restaurant Woo Galbi to Open this April in Shangri-la Mall

If you asked me a week ago what I think about Korean food, I'd probably tell you that the only dish I know is kimchi and that it is a very spicy food item I have no intention of trying. I'm not a fan of very spicy foods and, based on a documentary I saw before, kimchi can make you crave for a glass of water at first chew.

Appetizers and Spinach Salad (the round one) 

When I got invited to a food-tasting event the other day for Woo Galbi, a new Korean restaurant that's slated to open this coming April in Shangri-la Mall, the first thing I asked was, "Would they serve non-spicy food?" I'm glad I went because sampling really delicious fare in the company of a bunch of good-natured people made the experience a very pleasant one indeed. Allow me to use the dishes' English names as I might make a lot of spelling mistakes if I use the Korean ones.

In good company
The appetizers were quite hot on the tongue but I enjoyed munching on the sweet-spicy dilis and pickled cucumber. The Spinach Salad with Hollandaise Sauce was beautifully presented and would surely please veggie-lovers' palates. 

I found the Kimchi and Seafood Pancakes very interesting. They are like versions of our tortang itlog varieties with Korean twists. It surprised me that the Kimchi-flavored one was not as spicy as I expected. This is a good dish to share with friends because everyone could get a slice.

I didn't know that maki is also considered a Korean food item so it was a very welcome and pleasant treat for me as I love these rolled dishes. The ones served to us were lip-smacking good! Everything, and I mean everything, tasted delicious! There were Prawn Rolls, Crab Meat Rolls, Spicy Soft Shell Crab Rolls, and Eel Cream Cheese Rolls that were bursting with great seafood flavors.

I took a peek at the chefs near the counter and saw them meticulously making the seafood rolls by hand using fresh ingredients displayed on top of their work station.

And then there were the Spicy Tiger Prawns which, although a bit hot on the tongue, had me eating a couple because I love shrimp and can't pass up on this one. The other dish called Beef Tartare reminded me of a Mr. Bean episode (fans would remember that, I'm sure) because it is made out of fresh and raw ground beef toped with fresh egg yolk. My friend Myke and I shared half a piece of one. I ate it for the sake of being adventurous and was able to finish my half in three small bites. I can't remember much of the taste though because I think I was trying to swallow it as fast as I could. Nevertheless, I'm sure there are Koreans who consider this one a delectable dish. To each his own then.

I welcomed the warm soups when they came and found the serving dishes very unique. They looked liked the oil burners I have at home where you place tea light candles under to keep the oil warm. All of them, except one, were quite spicy but they sure were mouth-watering. I love the Seafood Soup which has fish, squid, shrimp, and tofu. But the top one for me would have to be the Beef Stew because the wonderfully tender meat comes with a really rich sauce, vegetables, and my favorite kind of mushrooms. 

Last of the batch of food items were the Grilled Chicken, Pork, Beef, and Squid; three of which  come in cute pieces over bite-sized amounts of rice and veggie garnishing. Again, I love how the beef was so tender and easy to chew, while the pork is reminiscent of lechon kawali because of the crunchy, fatty side. I can't remember if I got to taste the chicken and the squid though. By then, I was already full from all that I sampled in the past hour. 

What I can assure you though is that there is something for everyone in Woo Galbi. I'm sure my kids would love the grilled dishes and soups while my hubby would definitely go for all the spicy ones, whatever they are. When Woo Galbi opens, I'll be sure to go back for the seafood rolls and, perhaps, a little bit of everything else again :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Move in Comfort with MOVING COMFORT Sports Bra

Not all sports bras are created equal and yet, a lot of women still seem to ignore this fact! Did you know  that 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong-sized bra?

Wearing a well-fitting sports bra should be a priority when choosing exercise clothes. It will not only offer optimum support but will also add to your physical ease and comfort. Those are elements that a good workout should never be without. Otherwise, you might lose the motivation and interest to keep exercising.

Here are several benefits why women should wear a good sports bra:

1. Breasts are composed of fatty tissue and too much bounce can stretch the ligaments. The right fit will prevent your breasts from sagging and damaging tissue during intense workouts.
2. A good bra will keep your breasts snug without digging into your flesh or making it hard to breathe. Choose one that will mold to your body's curves in the right areas. There should be no under-wiring or tight straps that dig into skin.
3. A sports bra's material will help absorb sweat to keep you dry and comfortable as much as possible while going through a workout.
4. The ideal bra will save you from breast and upper back pain, and shoulder problems.

Like good running shoes or a fab workout outfit, sports bras must be considered as essential exercise equipment. If you do activities limited to up and down movement, go for medium support. If you prefer high motion activities like jumping and bouncing, choose a higher level of support.

A couple of weeks ago, I started using a pair of Moving Comfort sports bra. Unlike my husband who's an avid runner, I get my exercise through brisk walking and wall climbing. I found the Venus sports bra really comfortable to wear. It has seam-free molded cups that provide a smooth shape; at the same time, the plush-backed hook and eye closure offers adjustability and comfort.

Other features of Moving Comfort that women should take note of are the Shaped and Adjustable Straps, which offer a custom fit as well as help stabilize and are cushioned for comfort; the Bonded Areas, which offer strong support, less bulk, and smooth, no-chafe comfort; the Contour Cups, which provide added shape, support, and modesty (you can work out just using a sports bra and look fashionable at the same time!); the Wide Bottom Band under the cups, which provides foundational support; and the Powermesh Zones that add support and ventilation.

Learn more about proper fitting and how to choose the right kind of sports bra for you. Visit Moving Comfort's "Fitting Room" where there are lots of resources like trivia, statistics, tips, and more.

One of the new things I learned is that no bra should celebrate a birthday! Here are care instructions to ensure your bra lives a longer and healthier life:

1. Keep it fresh by washing it every 1-3 wears to remove the build-up of sweat, dirt, and bacteria which break down the fabric.
2. Keep it safe. A good option is to fasten the hooks before throwing your bra in the washing machine. A better option is to wash it while inside a lingerie bag. The best option is to hand wash your bra to give it extra care.
3. Keep it cool by hanging it dry or tumbling it dry on low setting. Don't toss your bra in the dryer because that can wear down the fabric and moisture management properties.
4. Keep it breathing. Avoid using dryer sheets or fabric softeners that can "coat" the material and keep it from breathing.
5. Keep it new. Depending on how often a sports bra is worn, it must be replaced every 6-12 months.

Last tip: The ultimate sports bra wardrobe would have three bras in rotation -- one on the body, one in the wash, and one hanging to dry.

Check out Moving Comfort products in all RUNNR stores and selected outlets of Toby's, Planet Sports, and Olympic Village today!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mango Tree BGC Celebrates 1st Year Anniversary by Paying It Forward Through Project: Brave Kids

I would bet that you, who are reading this, know at least one person who has cancer. I have friends and relatives who have cancer. Some are still battling the disease, some are thankfully in remission, while a few have lost the battle. 

The tragic thing is, cancer chooses anyone, even small, innocent kids. And once diagnosed with the dreaded condition, children are transported to a totally different world that even adults are afraid of. It is a world where one struggles for life on a daily basis, and where every small sign of triumph is already considered a miracle.

In 2005, a boy named Seve Augusto Sabarre Perez was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia one month after he turned three years old. The little boy had to undergo chemotherapy, one of most difficult medical treatments and his life revolved more around doctors than teachers, hospital and laboratories more than parks and playgrounds, and hospital beds instead of his own.

Seve's parents, Paul and Ingrid, established Project: Brave Kids to help other children who also suffer from childhood cancer in the Philippines. Like Seve, these kids and their families are battling the costly disease every day which can stretch to years.

Highlight Dishes:
Pad Thai Jay (Thai stir-fried noodles w/ mixed vegetables & tofu) - P350
Yum Mamuang (Green mango salad w/ peanuts & grated coconut) - P280

This March, as Mango Tree in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) marks its successful first year anniversary, it is paying the blessings forward by giving back to this worthwhile cause. From March 23 to April 30, Mango Tree BHS and Mango Tree Bistro in TriNoma and Greenbelt 5 are selecting some of their best-selling food items to highlight and present to their loyal customers. Part of the proceeds of the sales of the food highlight will go directly to Project Brave Kids in support of their projects lined up this 2013.

Highlight Dishes:
Gai Phed Ma-maung (Stir-fried chicken w/ cashew nuts, capsicum & onion) - P400
Talay Ruam Mit (Hot seafood platter of grilled prawns, grilled squid,
grilled crab, and a trio of sauces) _ P1,700

Last week, I had lunch at Mango Tree BGC and was touched to see some of Project: Brave Kids beneficiaries there with their guardians. The children are March, April and May birthday celebrators whom Mango Tree treated with a small but very meaningful party.

In case you're not yet familiar with Mango Tree, it's an establishment that serves some of the best Thai cuisine this side of the planet. It ranks as a world-class restaurant and has popular outlets in Bangkok, Dubai, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Doha. 

Clockwise from left:
Tom Yum Talay (Spicy hot & sour mixed seafood soup w/ lemongrass,
kaffir lime, galangal, mushrooms, & red chilies) - P450
Khao Ob Supparod (pineapple fried rice w/ chicken) - P380
Pra Kapong Neung Ma Now (Steamed sea bass w/ fresh garlic.
chili, and lime sauce) - P850
Orange & Carrot Juice, and Thai Milk Tea

Managed by Mother Spice Food Corporation, Mango Tree is known for its dedicated Thai traditions and hospitality that welcomes guests with the freshest ingredients and incredible flavors. I now have several favorite dishes on their menu which tasted really great! Please refer to the captions under the photos for the names and descriptions of the delicious dishes.

Tub Tim Grob (Red ruby chestnut w/ coconut ice cream) - P250
Tako Khao Pod (Coconut custard w/ sweet corn) - P220

So do visit any of Mango Tree's branches and make sure to order one or more of these Highlight Dishes so you can also contribute to Project: Brave Kids. 

Mango Tree: Talay Ruam Mit, Phad Thai Jay, Gai Phed Med Ma-Maung, and Yum Mamuang (please see photos above)

Mango Tree Bistro: Spaghetti Salmon (stir-friend spaghetti with salmon and sweet basil) - P380

For inquiries on donations and how to be a volunteer, please visit

Mango Tree BGC is located at 7th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street Central with tel. no. (632) 2172367, mobile (63917) 5349145, email, or log on to 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Anne Curtis and P&G Beauty Get Ladies Ready for Summer

Summer in the Philippines is literally and figuratively the hottest season in the country. It is when sunshine and sultry weather gets people in the mood for swimming, travel, parties, and other social events. With all these activities coming up, P&G Beauty together with Watsons, teamed up with Olay Ambassador Anne Curtis and top stylist John Lozano to give ladies tips for a Red Carpet Summer.

Last weekend, SM North Edsa The Block, became a venue for front row access to how-to's for the best skin, hair, and style this season. Celebrity stylist John Lozano jumpstarted the event with hair and style tips by sharing about the hottest trends, colors, and silhouettes for summer. He said that one can make any outfit red carpet ready using the perfect accessories: healthy, shiny hair, and radiant skin.

John Lozano

Thus, everyone is encouraged to experiment this summer with fun colors and new hairstyles while protecting your hair with Pantene Color & Perm Care. This product can prevent colored and curled hair from further damage when exposed to sun, sand, and sea thanks to the new Liquid Crystal Technology that maintains color for up to six weeks.

Event host Kat Alano with Anne Curtis

On the other hand, skin-revealing summer outfits must be complemented with soft, scented skin despite the summer heat. Camay will take care of that with its three alluring scents to choose from: Romantique Rose, Dynamique Grapefruit, and Creme Vanilla

Anne Curtis, one of the country's most popular actresses today, revealed that she considers it very important to take care of the skin in the summer. She is all for minimal makeup under the summer heat which is made possible with radiant skin courtesy of Olay Natural White Cream. This product combines multiple effects of a fairness cream, moisturizer, and spot corrector to even out skin tone. Those who don't want to get too tanned may want to try Olay Natural White Instant Glow Cream as it has twice the instant fairness ingredients that immediately promotes fair skin upon application.

So, as the temperature keeps getting hotter and the party invites pile up, prepare for a Red Carpet Summer using the latest products from P&G Beauty -- get healthy, shiny hair from Pantene; soft, scented skin from Camay; and radiant skin from Olay. 

Enjoy your summer everyone! :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Celebrate Life's Best Moments with Greenwich Lasagna Supreme

I guess everyone would agree that the best memories are made when moments are shared with the people who are special to us. Thus, good friends and family are the best companions when great things happen such as celebrating a birthday milestone, a wedding anniversary, or having someone in the family/barkada receive an award for outstanding performance whether in school or at work.

When these exciting occasions happen, include Greenwich in the celebration to mark these achievements! This pizza and pasta chain has once again proven that it won't run out of the most innovative products to satisfy every craving. Now available is the Greenwich Lasagna Supreme to delight Filipinos anew with its great taste and good value offering.

As with the other best-selling Greenwich products, the Lasagna Supreme is now loaded with more mouth-watering goodness. Last Friday, I came home to find a picnic basket (and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers!) loaded with Greenwich lasagna in all available sizes and my boys, who have big appetites, happily dug in to savor the delicious pasta goodness. One of them even invited some friends over to share the feast with us. Too bad, we were all enjoying eating, we forgot to take at least one group photo! 

The Greenwich Lasagna Supreme now has thicker noodles and chunkier meat sauce. It is complemented by three types of cheese and is topped with a rich and creamy white sauce, served with a piece of Garlic Stix.

Greenwich pasta endorsers
Solenn Heussaff, Anne Curtis, and Kelly Misa

It's very affordable to make the Lasagna Supreme part of life's everyday "Best In" moments because the snack size sells for only P79 and the full size for P99. So indulge! Don't let special occasions pass by without celebrating it along with sumptuous food.  

The best moments can sometimes happen unexpectedly but they can be celebrated in an instant with the whole family or barkada with Greenwich Lasagna Supreme. Try some today!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Cebu Pacific Supports Cesar Guarin's Global Run and Opens Direct Flights to Dubai from Manila

Known as the "father of ultra-marathon" in the Philippines, 57-year-old Cesar Guarin has made it his mission to conquer over 42,000 kilometers across the world through the Global Run: Takbong Alay sa Pilipino at sa Buong Mundo. More than making it his personal achievement or setting a record as the first Filipino and the first Asian global runner, Guarin says he is doing this to pay tribute to Global Filipinos.

The determined runner expressed how he has always been inspired by the hard work and resiliency of Pinoys who work abroad and sacrifice a lot to give their families a better way of life. "And they have made a great contribution to our economy," he acknowledges. "Going on this global run is a way to let them know that their efforts are appreciated."

Guarin, whose group supports a program called Batang Pangarap through fund raising, also dedicates his global run to Filipino street children. This is made possible through partnerships with Overseas Filipino communities and various agencies to get underprivileged kids into running, and provide them with their basic needs and social development programs.

Cebu Pacific, the Philippines' leading low-cost carrier, is backing Guarin on his quest. "Cesar is very inspirational. He is trying to do something that no Filipino has ever done before, which is to run around the world, the equivalent of a thousand marathons," expressed Alex Reyes, general manager of the Cebu Pacific Long Haul Division, during the press con held at the Xin Tian Di of the Crowne Plaza Hotel. "He's also reaching out to all the OFW communities in the countries that he's visiting, reaching out and bringing a little bit of home to them."

The Global Run's next stop is the Middle East which is seventh of Guarin's 15-stage worldwide run. And while the tough weather conditions and rough terrains may intimidate regular runners, Guarin considers them part of the challenge and is looking forward to the adventure that awaits him.  

According to Reyes, not only is Guarin's cause a worthy endeavor to support, the global run is aligned with Cebu Pacific's core mission, which is to serve Filipinos communities abroad. He announced that they have chosen Dubai as their first long-haul destination to cater to Filipinos based there. "By making fares so much more affordable, OFWs can come home much more often or their families can visit them there," explains Reyes.

"I'm happy that Cebu Pacific is backing this global run. This started as a very personal project, so I'm really delighted that we're getting more support," affirmed Guarin. "Choosing Dubai as one of their first long-haul destinations and offering low fares show that Cebu Pacific, like me, is a supporter of Global Filipinos.

Starting October 7, 2013, Cebu Pacific will offer daily direct flights to Dubai from Manila with year-round fares starting at P6,999. For bookings and inquiries, please visit

To see more photos taken during the press con, please view this Facebook album

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Move and Be Moved By the New Sennheiser Headphones

I have the Sennheiser HD299 headphone and love its noise-cancelling feature. I get to listen to my favorite music in peace without being disturbed by outside sounds. Last Friday, Sennheiser launched two new products for music lovers at the Seda Hotel located in Bonifacio Global City.

MOMENTUM lets upscale audiophiles experience sound with all their senses. It is perfect for those who are unwilling to compromise on sound quality and style. It is made with high-quality materials that combine design and luxurious textures along with wearability and comfort. The headband and ear pads use soft and supple leather from traditional English tannery Pittards while the headband slider is made out of premium stainless steel. 

The soaring sounds that come out of these headphones are pure and unadulterated, it can make a listener feel like he's sitting next to the performing artist as he hears all the nuances of the emotions set through in song.

All current media players can be connected to the Momentum using the 3.5mm stereo plug. If you have an Apple product, you can use the additional cable with integrated smart remote and microphone. There are buttons integrated into the metal casing when you want to adjust the volume, select music titles, take calls, and activate voice control. This highly stylish headphone comes in brown and black versions. 

Rajender Mogili, Product Manager at Sennheiser Consumer Electronics, acknowledged that their passion for perfection is apparent not only in the outstanding technology used in the Momentum, but also in its modern distinctive design and selected premium materials. "With striking yet minimalistic design, it makes the Momentum the perfect accessory for those keen to display a passion for quality audio with a discrete and stylist authority."The Momentum retails for P19,300.

On the other hand, the IE 800 headphones are said to be the ones with the most innovations per square millimeter thus, it can compete with much larger high-end headphones. Since it is brimming with groundbreaking ideas, audiophiles and music lovers can get as close as possible to perfect sound even when they're on the move.

In the past, ear-canal phones have been known to have limits when it comes to audio quality. But the IE 800 is setting new standards as Sennheiser rounds off its top segment with a set of genuinely high-end portable headphones. Maurice Quarre, Director of Product Lifecycle Management, affirmed that, "The sound of the IE 800 can easily compete with that of our high-end portfolio."

The dynamic in-ear headphones boast of brilliant trebles, precise bass response, and a detailed, life-like sound image with a frequency response of 5 to 46,500 Hertz. This is made possible by the Extra Wide Band (XWB) driver developed by Sennheiser "to perfectly reproduce the entire audible frequency spectrum and beyond,"explained senior acoustic engineer Axel Grell. He added that, before, reproducing the entire audio spectrum requires several narrow band drivers to be operated in parallel but results in very slight jumps and delays in music production. "[But with the XWB], music is played back with crystal clarity and with absolute time precision." Wow!

Aside from its innovative technology, the IE 800 further features a modern design using high-quality materials like the scratch-resistant ceramic housing and ear pads made with skin friendly silicone that rules out any risk of allergies or skin irritation for excellent wearing comfort. To guarantee a perfect fit, Sennheiser has also developed oval-shaped ear adapters based on extensive international studies in ergonomics. Still, users can choose from the selection of oval and round adapters according to their personal preferences. The ear cushions have a protective mesh to effectively protect the drivers against dirt contamination. This revolutionary headset retails at PhP 45,900.

For more information on Sennheiser's extensive audio product lines and headphones, please visit

No-Meat Lenten Treats by Angel's Pizza

It's Palm Sunday and officially the start of the Holy Week. During this season, there are Filipinos who choose not to eat meat according to tradition and religious beliefs.

Angel's Pizza recognizes this and came up with two new flavors that are perfect for Lent. Today at lunch, my family and I enjoyed sampling them both and they tasted great! 

Medium 9" - P329,  Family 12" - P470, Big Family 14" - P556 

Angel's Garlic Shrimp pizza is topped with culinary sauce, lots of juicy shrimp, garlic, cheddar cheese, and mozzarella cheese. Since I like most anything seafood, I ate a slice of this first. 

I'm glad my boys love eating veggies as much as they like meat. Angel's Margherita Pizza was a hit with them as well. This one is topped with tomato, basil, and mozzarella cheese. The basil gave it such a mouth-watering aroma, it's hard to stop eating with just one slice.

Medium 9" - P297,  Family 12" - P416, Big Family 14" - P491 

What I appreciate about Angel's Pizzas is that the bottom of each pizza does not leave my hands dripping with oil so I get to enjoy eating more without worrying about finding a napkin to wipe my fingers on. 

Calzone - P75 in Cheesy Bacon and Tuna Cheesy Melt flavors 

This Holy Week, when you crave for pizza, just dial Angel Pizza's delivery number 922-2222 and have one or both of the new flavors delivered to your doorstep. Prices are subject to P30 delivery charge. For more information, please visit, follow @angelspizza on Twitter, and like

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Chinese Food and Wine Pairing Dinner at New World Makati Hotel

I don't think I'd ever get to be an expert on wines so I appreciate it very much when professionals provide suggested pairings with food. Last night, I had the pleasure of dining at New World Makati Hotel's fine Cantonese restaurant, Jasmine, with a few of my friends.

It was a special dinner of Cantonese dishes that were specially prepared by Chef Wong Kam On and his talented crew. The food items were paired with an exquisite selection of Cullen Wines from Australia. Our unique gastronomic experience was composed of six courses that definitely satisfied our palates and our tummies.

First, we were served with Seared Scallops and Wagyu Beef Roll that were so sinfully delicious! If I weren't saving for more space in my stomach for the other courses, I would have been tempted to ask for seconds. This dish was paired with the Cullen Margaret River, White, 2011.

Next was the Steamed King Prawn with Garlic and Vermicelli Noodle. The smell alone was already heavenly! We ate this tasty offering along with sips of Cullen Mangan, Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, 2010.

It was hard to finish off the quite hearty serving of Deep Fried Fish Fillet coated with Salted Egg Yolk Batter on top of Steamed Egg White along with the Fried Rice with Diced Chicken and Chinese Sausage. The fish was crisp on the outside and juicy-tender on the inside. I like this dish because the additional egg white provided a soft texture. It was a perfect fit for the rice and the buttery-smelling Cullen Mangan, Malbec Petit Verdot Merlot, 2011 that was served with it.

The flavorful Beef Short Ribs in Black Pepper Sauce and Steamed Fragrant Rice, for me, would already be a meal in itself. I am a fan of beef and the vegetables that go with this dish made it a hit with me. It was paired with the Cullen Diana Madeline Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot, 2010. I noticed that the taste was not as strong as compared to when I tried Cabernet Sauvignon in the past. Perhaps in was the addition of Merlot that toned it down a bit so it was not very overpowering.

For dessert, we had Calamansi Sorbet on top of Chilled Mango Pudding and Steamed Bun with Milk Cream inside. The wine (I didn't know you can drink wine with dessert!) was Cullen Late Harvest, Semillon, 2012 which, among all the wines I tried last night became my instant favorite because of it's sweet and light flavor. As opposed to the sips I did with the other four kinds of wine served earlier, I finished a whole glass of this because it was that delicious! I wouldn't mind getting a bottle or more of these as gifts. I think I've found the wine I would love for the rest of my life, seriously!

All in all, it was a great night of good food, wonderful wines, and lovely company. We just forgot to take a group photo because we were too busy savoring all the burst of flavors that came one after the other :p

Jasmine is a beautiful restaurant that you should bring your special someone to. You can also dine there to treat business partners and clients in. Although the Cantonese Cuisine and Cullen Wines Set Dinner was supposedly for one-night only, groups of four and more (if I heard it right from Mr. Paawan Engineer, Director of Food and Beverage) can be accommodated upon customers' request. Just call 811-6888 local 3338 for more information and to make a reservation.

This special dinner set is priced at PhP1,700 per person exclusive of service charge.