Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mondo Juice + SIP: Two Delicious Brands in One Store Now Open in Makati

I am really glad that eating healthier these days is much easier than in past years. We have more choices and healthy foods have actually become genuinely delicious! Sometime last August, I blogged about Mondo Juice and of discovering some of the best smoothies I've ever tasted in my life.

Yesterday, I found out that Mondo Juice is now available in Makati! What's more, this new branch combines two innovative drink bars in one store! This cool and comfy chill-out place not only serves Mondo Juice smoothies, sandwiches, and pastries, it also offers SIP milk teas.

Mondo Juice + SIP, which is tucked in Legaspi Village's Rada Street, will definitely satisfy your healthy beverage and food cravings. As company president Jon Kui predicts, "Milk teas and fruit smoothies will only continue to become more popular, especially with a lot of young people going on a health kick." Thankfully, there's one place where both milk tea lovers and smoothie fans can enjoy their favorite drinks.

Young entrepreneurs Jon Kui and his sister Joey
Both brands have become two of the metro's leading health drink bars with their unique concepts and only the freshest, finest ingredients: Mondo Juice for its 100% all-natural juices and smoothies, and SIP for its high-quality steeped milk tea concoctions.

Inside the Rada branch is a welcoming ambiance that will immediately make you feel at home. It has comfy seats, beautiful light fixtures, and friendly staff who provide excellent service. Jon explains, "We've put together design elements from both Mondo and SIP to get a balanced feel of the two stores while upgrading the overall interiors at the same time."

Although I'm already familiar with Mondo Juice's products, I always feel this child-like excitement when choosing what to order from the wide variety of really yummy smoothies they prepare. This time, I opted to go for the lip-smacking goodness of Berry Blitz and a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

It was my first time to try SIP drinks and I highly recommend their unique concoctions for which you can choose toppings for. I loved the texture of my lychee  flavored tea with nata de coco bits and also took a sip of my hubby's Mesteazo. That also tasted divine! I can't wait to bring the kids to this branch because I'm sure they'll go crazy choosing what to try first. 

Of course, drinks should always be partnered with something to chew on. So complete your chill-out visit to the Rada branch by trying some of their new offerings such as flavorful macarons in chocolate, pistachio, vanilla, coffee, lemon, rose, hazelnut, and black sesame flavors. Take home a box as pasalubong and your family will love you for it! If you're a cheesecake fan, try these decadent varieties: pistachio cheesecake, cheesecake brulee, and the tofu cheesecake. Dropping by for breakfast? Go for the baked egg dishes in bacon and sausage, or the pulled pork sandwich made with lean challah bread.

On the other hand, let SIP entice you with the fried brownie and the Milovaltine drink, two items exclusively sold in the Rada branch. They also have a new line of drinks called fresh sodas, with lychees as the bestseller. Oh, and do check out the SIP shirts which have very creative and funny prints. I love their packaging because I first thought the contents were chips or powdered tea! The store also sells bottled goodies like pickled cucumber, barbeque sauce, hot honey, kosher salt, and a variety of flavored teas in boxes.

Hubby's shirt says, "Awesome ... (wait for it) est!" LOL
Mondo Juice + SIP would definitely change the way you look at healthy beverages. Leave the noise of the city for a while and enter this store with a laidback, homey vibe. It is actually just a stone's throw away from major commercial and residential buildings such as Greenbelt, Ayala Museum, and the Enterprise Center. The Rada branch, which has free WiFi access, is a great place to bond with friends, go on snack breaks with office mates, or find serenity while enjoying personal downtime. I'm looking forward to coming back there again very soon!

Connect with Mondo Juice and SIP Milk Tea on Facebook and on Twitter @mondojuice / @Sipmilktea. For more photos, please visit this Facebook album

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