Samsung Introduces the Galaxy S III Mini: Minimum Size, Maximum Features

Does size matter? According to Samsung, small is in as it launches a miniature version of the Samsung Galaxy S III. The smaller unit boasts of a sleek but reduced design that does not limit its functions. Samsung assures that the Galaxy III Mini will provide users the same powerful performance and function but in a new sense of form and style.

To make the answers more interesting, Samsung held a media event last night where celebrity DJs debated on various topics in relation to sizes. Some of the arguments were reasonable while a few were downright hilarious. Sam YG’s hosting further made the evening very entertaining.

Designed for Humans” -- that’s the core essence and philosophy that Samsung has for its GALAXY line including the S III Mini. This latest gadget features an organic design inspired by nature, which provides the perfect grip and ergonomic handling.  It also comes with a nature-themed user interface and sounds that match its outer design. 

Enjoy movies, photos and web browsing in crystal clear display even in the brightest environment with the S III Mini’s 4.0” WVGA Super-AMOLED display

And just like a race car, size does not limit this phone’s power as it is equipped with a dual-core processor to let users seamlessly enjoy Samsung features such as the Pop-up Play function that allows you to do two things at once effortlessly. The S III Mini runs on the latest Android OS, Jelly Bean, which provides super smooth graphics and transitions as well as access to the new Google services such as Google Now.

Like the Galaxy S III, its mini-me version has the same intelligent features including: Smart Stay (which detects if the user is looking at the display and keeps the display from timing out until the user looks away), Smart Alert (which detects when a user returns to the phone and gives him a brief vibrating nudge to inform about missed calls, calendar events, and new messages) and Direct Call (which allows a user to make a call simply by lifting the phone to his or her ear while writing or reading a message or while specific contact details are brought up to the display).

Aside from the stuff already mentioned, the S III Mini’s users can enjoy various Samsung hub services and advanced messaging service called Ch@tON, as shared by all Samsung Mobile users.

At the moment, the current mobile developers and designers may move towards making phones that are bigger, wider, and longer but Samsung continues to set its own trend with the introduction of the Galaxy S III Mini, a smartphone that mixes performance and sleekness.   

Retailing at PHP 14,990, the Samsung GALAXY S III Mini is now available at Samsung Stores and comes four colors: Marble White, Pebble Blue, Garnet Red and Titanium Gray

FYI to Globe users, the Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini will be offered free through Globe’s exclusive customizable plans: Globe My Super Plan 999 which comes with P900 Consumable, 50MB data and two call and text freebies* which you can change monthly. Subscribers may also opt for the unlimited data version through the Globe My Super Plan Unli Surf Combo 999 which comes with Unlimited Data and one call and text freebie* which you can also change monthly.

* Freebies include (A) 10-minute calls and 200 SMS to Globe/TM, (B) 5-minute calls and 25 SMS to other networks, (C) 20-minute IDD and 10 iSMS to 10 destinations and (D) unlimited calls and texts to 1 Globe/TM number.

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