Sunday, January 06, 2013

Kapuso Stars Rise Up to Meet Ariel Complete's Giant Stain Ball Extra Challenge

Have you seen that TV commercial where a white giant ball was rolled along streets while people throw various staining liquids on it?  I saw the same thing happen yesterday during the shooting of an Extra Challenge episode. This is a show that's being aired on GMA 7 every Saturday. 

Extra Challenge satisfies viewers' appetites for the ultimate adrenaline rush when it comes to the most daring, most extreme, and toughest challenges. However, when it comes to the dirtiest and toughest of stains, the new Ariel Complete which has unbelievable stain removal power, is expected to ultimately take the spotlight.

The episode shoot slash media event happened at the Quezon City Memorial Circle. Ariel partnered with Extra Challenge to introduce the new Ariel Complete to reveal its ultimate total cleaning action first hand to everyone who joined the activities.

The new Ariel Complete is formulated with a multiple cleaning system that combines the power of bar + brush + bleach to effectively remove tough stains like ink, chocolate milk, used cooking oil, and chocolate ice cream. 

GMA Kapuso stars battled it out under the heat of the midday sun to push giant balls that were pelted with various types of stains by the impromptu mob of enthusiastic passersby who signed up to join the fun. Challengers who reach their opponent's goal first wins each round. To make sure that the giant balls, measuring 90 feet in diameter and wrapped in layers of white fabric, is completely covered with stains, Ariel provided the mob with 4,000 liters of stains that they freely and happily threw at the balls.

After the champion was declared (sorry, can't reveal yet who won --- you have to watch the episode on TV this coming weekend to find out), media, celebrities, and the general public got to witness Ariel Complete's superior stain-removing action as the cloth covered with heavy stains was washed and cleaned like new. Even Marian Rivera and Boobay, the Extra Challenge hosts, candidly exclaimed how impressed they were at the results.

Jenina Santos, Brand Manager for Ariel, affirmed that the new Ariel Complete is more effective versus leading ordinary detergent powder in removing tough stains from clothes. "Ariel Complete seeks to make laundry easier and less time-consuming with its multiple cleaning system, the combined power of bar + brush + bleach, and built in additives for a Complete wash," she explained.

Each member of the mob went home with sachets of the new Ariel Complete. It's good to know that they would also have a chance to try out this new product for themselves and prove just how effective Ariel Complete is in removing tough and big stains on fabrics.

* If you were one of the mob members, check out this photo album for more photos of the event. Who knows, I might have captured you in one of my shots! :)

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