Saturday, January 19, 2013

CONVERSE’s First Flagship Store Opens in the Philippines

Ask many young people today what their preferred type of sneakers is and they’ll most likely say “Chuck Taylors”, one of the most well-loved footwear made by Converse. The brand, which I just discovered to have already been around in the Philippines for the past 30 years (!), is said to be one of the top choices of free-spirited and creative individuals. After all, this is one brand that embodies passion for life and the irreverent rockstar attitude of never-say-die characters.

Yesterday, Converse opened its very first flagship store in the country to bring a new retail experience or its fans. Located at the second level of the New Glorietta Ayala Mall in Makati City, the Converse store exudes the nostalgic ambiance of the places where musicians, athletes, and artists create, live, and play --- The Court, the Street, Backstage, and the Studio.

Celebrities such as Kean Cipriano of Calla Lily, Tessa Prieto-Valdes, IC Mendoza, Empress, and several other TV personalities were present during the event.

To date, the store, which occupies a big area measuring 275 sqm, is the largest Converse shop in the Philippines. Fans of the brand can find a wide array of merchandise there that range from Chuck Taylors, Jack Purcells, Cons, John Varvatos, and other popular Converse apparel, bags, and accessories.

To show just how much a favorite fashion statement Converse is, the organizers showed us a nice AVP they called Converse Theater where three different individuals appeared on video and on stage to show guests how fun life could be with Converse.

Two guests were even given awards for the best getups that match their Converse sneakers.

Endorsers of the brand are 6Cyclemind and Gracenote, two of the country’s popular alternative rock bands, proudly swear by the stylish comfort and excellent traction of their Converse sneakers, which complement their high-energy performance onstage. All of them agree that, like their music, Converse is simple and never pretentious and that they love how their sneakers become more comfortable and stylish the more worn-out and dirtier they get.

To further encourage people’s creative spirits, a new campaign was launched to show that sneakers’ have superior artistic and grungier edge over conformist shoes and other conventional footwear.

Shoes are Boring. Wear Sneakers.” I like that tagline as I am a sneakers person myself. Converse has made that a catching battlecry that jives well with other, equally upfront statements such as:

Shoes keep it clean. Sneakers get dirty.
Shoes test the water. Sneakers dive in.
Shoes party. Sneakers after party.
Shoes buy a ticket. Sneakers put on a show.
Shoes buy art. Sneakers create it.

Check out the new store soon! For more information and to get more updates, visit and follow Converse Philippines on Facebook.

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