Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Surf Matic Offers Hands-Free Laundry and Puts Premium on Time

How long do you wash your clothes? And do you still feel the need to scrub them by hand even if they've already gone through the washing machine? I have relatives who do that because they say they don't feel the clothes are clean enough if washed by machine alone.

Me? I don't have time to wash clothes that much. We used to have an automatic washing machine and it was so convenient to leave the clothes in the washer and only take them out after they have been rinsed and spun dry. When our automatic washing machine finally broke down, I had to make do with a separate washer and spinner so washing clothes took more of my time especially when I have to repeat washing light colored clothes with stubborn stains.

So imagine my excitement when I found out that Surf has come out with its latest formula that offers people the luxury of clean and fragrant clothes without the inconvenience of hand-washing. 

Surf Matic, the brand's newest powder detergent, is particularly designed for washing machine use and gives its consumers all the benefits one can think of when it comes to laundry. Jessica Inocencio, brand manager of Surf Matic, shared that the product gives superior value. "With quality over quantity, only one sachet is needed for a regular machine load, as opposed to other leading variants, allowing consumers to save more time with its powerful formula."

She further explained that Surf Matic contains a special active stain release agent, which thoroughly penetrates through the clothing fibre to provide deep cleaning. In addition, the detergent leaves a whiff of fresh scent on the fabric. I was further impressed to know that three well-known makers of washing machines are highly recommending the product. 

According to Audrey Capacio, LG Product Manager, during a media lunch held at the Society Lounge in Makati, "Surf has proven to be a reliable laundry brand when it comes to keeping clothes fresh."

Electrolux Group Product Manager Andrea Pionilla agreed. "Consumers do not only look for high-quality washing machines, but the right products to use with them as well."

Joy Catiis-Cruz, Whirlpool Marketing Manager, further testified that Surf Matic is a very effective solution to the needs of every household with a washing machine because the detergent significantly helps lessen laundry time.

Among all the advantages of using this laundry powder, one of the most valuable would have to be time which -- instead of soap, suds, or a heap of laundry -- is in the consumers' hands as Surf Matic does all the work with the machine so there's no need for manual scrubbing afterwards. 

Thus, moms can have more moments to spend with people and things that matter most to them like family and some much-needed "me time". Personally, I'm looking forward to that!

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