Savor Filipino Flavor this Holiday Season with Chef Marvin Agustin

I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing actor, businessman, and chef Marvin Agustin a few months ago for the cover story of MoneySense magazine's September-October issue. The things I learned about him reinforced my admiration of him as a businessman and as a person. 

In a Knorr press release I was recently given, I read that Marvin likes to keep things memorable during the Yuletide season. For one, he makes sure to free up time from his busy schedule to be with his family and loved ones. Despite TV shows and a string of restaurants that keep him occupied, he sees to it that those he holds dear get his undivided attention when the most wonderful time of the year comes around. 

Marvin shares that it's been a tradition in his family to get-together for the holidays. "We all look forward to our family reunion on Christmas day." He describes that excitement is thick in the air during these annual holiday feasts because aside from the animated conversations and endless laughter, food remains in the center of the occasion as it is an extension of how they share their blessings with each other.

Like other Filipino families, Marvin and his relatives serve all-time favorite Christmas fares like arroz valenciana, lumpia, chicken galantine, and lechon. But, being the restaurateur that he is, this creative chef goes the extra mile to offer something different yet definitely familiar to the Filipino palate. He uses leftover lechon as the main ingredient in making sinigang! Now that's a dish I'd love to taste myself! 

According to Marvin, the classic sinigang often takes a back seat during holiday celebrations when it can be a staple in an all-Pinoy Christmas feast. As many of us know, a steaming bowl of the tamarind-base soup can be more than enough to warm the heart and tummy especially during the cool evenings. And to make the preparation less taxing, Knorr Sinigang is on hand to bring out the rich sinigang flavor in a convenient way.

I am a regular Knorr Sinigang sa Sampalok Mix user and agree that with this product, there is no need to go through the hassles of preparing real tamarind to bring out the goodness of sinigang. It is made from real sampalok and available in convenient sachet packs. It is best mixed with pork or seafood together with gabi and other vegetables.

“Everyone loves sinigang," affirms Marvin. "We all grew up with it, and with a little creativity and a little help from Knorr Sinigang, you can have a winning dish for the holiday season."

BTW, read here how Knorr surprised our OFWs this Christmas season. It's a very heartwarming story.

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