Friday, December 14, 2012

OMF Literature Titles Now Also Available for Digital Downloads

I've been a voracious reader since I was three or four years old and I've raised my kids to love books as well. For me, it doesn't matter what kind of wholesome reading materials they'd like to buy (comics, paperback, magazines, etc.) as long as they read. I'm glad though that through the years, many of the locally-printed books we have accumulated, mostly by Filipino authors, come from OMF Literature, Inc.

Son #4's children's storybooks collection started with a Mga Kwento ni Tito Dok volume published by Hiyas (also under OMF Lit) and written by Dr. Luis Gatmaitan. It was soon followed with more Hiyas books and then books for teens that are also carried by OMF Lit.

For the past few years we've been getting to meet our well-loved Hiyas authors like Doc Luis, Ms. Jojie Wong, and Ms. Grace Chong who pens the Oh! Mateo series that my youngest also loves to read. Needless to say, my not-so-little-one-anymore was thrilled to see them in the flesh.

Me? I also have lots of books by OMF Lit and many of them continue to be sources of encouragement and inspiration. 

Grace, Marlene, Malu, Yay, and Nelson
photo borrowed from Ate Marlene's FB photo album
Two days ago, OMF held it's very first event for bloggers where they introduced some of their authors. I was glad to see Ate Grace again as well as my other writer-friends Yay Padua-Olmedo and Marlene Legaspi-Munar

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Dy
I also got to meet Sir Nelson Dy and his lovely wife for the first time although I've already interviewed him once for a magazine article via email three years ago.

Also present were Malu Tiongson-Ortiz, Ronald Molmisa, and Robert Magnuson. It was a fun night because we played games, met new friends, and got to take home new books. 

Now, OMF Lit has titles that are also available digitally! If you prefer reading on your electronic device  instead of carrying a book or two around all the time, this format is for you. On it's 55th year, OMF Lit is initially offering 55 eBooks that aim to inspire their readers. Find out more at

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