Blackbeard's Seafood Island is Now Open at Harbor Point Subic!

One of the things we Filipinos love is to eat. And, I'm sure you'll agree, it's more fun to have a great meal when it's shared with friends and family. This makes Blackbeard's Seafood Island Boodle Feasts such a great way for bonding with loved ones. 

If you live in, or near, Subic, you can now experience Boodle Bonding, too! Seafood Island is now open in Harbor Point and they serve lots of wonderful treats that are pleasing to both the eyes and the tummy!

Some of my co-bloggers and I were invited to the grand opening last weekend and we had a lot of fun trying out several of Seafood Island's offerings. We got there just as a percussion band just outside the establishment started playing upbeat music. It perfectly lent a festive mood to the occasion. 

While waiting for lunch, we were served appetizers that are great to snack on. One was made with crispy chips and some salsa on top. The other is one of my favorites: crunchy fried Calamares (squid) that are very tasty, I found it hard to stop eating until the plate was clean! :p

After the ribbon cutting was done, I think we were all fascinated when Chef Chang Magdaluyo started decorating a large but pretty wooden boat with various ingredients. I found the vessel a nice symbolic item given that the restaurant is located very near the famous Subic Bay.

Pretty soon, boodle feasts were placed on each table and it was time to literally dig in. As a seafood lover, I gladly sampled bits and pieces of everything I could reach for. My top favorite items there were the squid, shrimp, and mussels. I also enjoyed the sensation of salty liquid bursting inside my mouth out of the tiny beads on the bunches of fresh seaweed. 

My eldest son, who learned about boodle for the first time, also enjoyed the lunch and wrote about his experience here.

I'm so glad that Seafood Island is in several locations because I plan to bring hubby and our other sons to a branch near our place and have them also try eating boodle style. Since they're all growing boys with large appetites, I'm sure I won't have to worry about any leftovers :)

Do the boodle! Visit a Blackbeard Seafood Island branch soon with a bunch of people you love. Enjoy! :)

* To see more photos taken during the grand opening, please click here.

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