Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Twee Gonzalez, Gang Badoy-Capati, and Saab Magalona Bring Back "Lambing" with Toblerone

What's your Toblerone memory? Mine would have to be those times when my father would come home from abroad and bring chocolates for me and my siblings. Toblerone would always be among the bag of goodies and we'd share the triangles equally among ourselves. 

A lot of people reading this would probably also have a Toblerone memory. Like me, maybe you consider it that "stateside" gift you usually received as a child. Or it's the "courtship chocolate" you got in high school. It could also be the giveaways you gift your godchildren with. 

Since Christmas is almost here, Toblerone, the popular triangular chocolate from Switzerland, has invited three women to a storytelling session to share their personal vignettes on Pinoy "lambing". The event was held at the Eastwood Mall Atrium and hosted by RJ Ledesma.

Columnist and entrepreneur Twee Gonzalez (a Baby Boomer's perspective) revealed several anecdotes on receiving chocolates from her beaus and wondered aloud why the guys she didn't like seemed to give the best chocolate gifts. She also affirmed that Toblerone reminds that a lifting of mood and spirit can be a chocolate bar away especially if this comes from someone she loves.

RockEd founder and writer Gang Badoy-Capati (a Gen X's perspective) confided about getting another girl's guy and having the girl visit her at the hospital to say "Take care of him" and leave a bar of Toblerone behind. Looking back, Gang realized that Toblerone inadvertently played a part in reevaluating choices she once made in her youth and how much courage it took for the other girl to have done what she did -- gracefully conceding defeat and even giving her rival something sweet. 

Actress and blogger Saab Magalona (a Gen Y's perspective) recalled having tantrums when she was small and biting anyone she was angry with. She said her mom, Pia, prescribed her with 8 hugs a day which they playfully demonstrated in front of the event guests after being prodded by  RJ to do so. When  she grew older, Saab switched to biting chocolates instead to find solace and focus on that moment's treat.

Toblerone Philippines rounds up such stories and personal Toblerone memories to remember how we used to express affection, celebrate the present ways we've found that work just as well, and to invite Filipinos to join a campaign called "Ibalik and lambing". After all, if there's something that the world can never have enough of, it would be love and, well, chocolates.

Fren Lagman, Toblerone Philippines Brand Manager, expressed how proud they are to have esteemed storytellers such as Gang, Twee, and Saab join them in their campaign to bring back more lambing in the everyday moments of Filipinos. "Everyone could use a little more love and sweetness in our lives. To have such three incredible women help get the word out on deliberate gestures of affection inspires our launch of the Toblerone Oversized Gift Bar -- an ideal holiday gift for loved ones and truly a classic expression of lambing."

Every weekend starting now until December 16, Toblerone will be bringing the lambing closer to customers with the launch of the Toblerone Gift Hubs which will be opened in major malls around Metro Manila. "Not only can customers purchase their favorite Toblerone variants and have them personalized and gift-wrapped for their loved ones, they can also have a chance to win one of the 50 4.5kg Toblerone oversized variant for every P100 single receipt purchase," explained Lagman.

For more info and to know where you can find the nearest Toblerone Gift Hub, please visit

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