KOTEX and Love, BAYO Supports Fearless Women in Fashion

I like hearing stories of those who get recognized for their talents at a young age. A few days ago, I got to witness the unveiling of a highly anticipated collection by 18-year-old Sylvia Park who won the first ever SoFA Young Designer for BAYO Design Competition.

KOTEX, which is committed to empowering the modern Filipina, has always sought to provide innovative opportunities for women to make informed choices and express their femininity. Thus, true to its commitment, KOTEX partnered with the masters of feminine style: Love, BAYO and the School of Fashion and the Arts (SoFA). They gave seven of SoFA's best students a chance to create a collection for "Love, BAYO", a sub-brand of BAYO that specifically targets the younger market.

The young designers were instructed to create a collection with the theme "modern fairytale" and Korean Sylvia Park came out on top. She shared that her flower and lace collection was inspired by her favorite novel, Anne of Green Gables whose protagonist is an active, self-assured, and uncompromising young woman who's always on the go -- just like the kind of woman Kotex represents.

Kotex recognizes that women today have become increasingly active, savvy, and fashionable. Thus, the brand has risen to the occasion by developing a pad that also rises to the occasion using KOTEX ProActive Guards Technology. This is said to be the first ever sanitary pad that comes with intelligent guards that gently rise as soon as they come in contact with fluid. The technology then frees the modern  and empowered Filipina to live and move as she pleases -- even on the runway.

Sylvia Park's designs were formally presented to KOTEX and Love, BAYO friends and members of the media at the M Cafe in Makati City. The clothes look very comfortable to wear and feature various designs that young women will like. Sylvia's pieces, incidentally, represent the style of the Love, BAYO fashionista, as well as the empowered KOTEX woman -- setting a new standard for the modern and fashionable Filipina.

* To see all the photos taken during the fashion show, please click here.

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