Sunday, November 25, 2012

Grace Poe to Continue Her Father's Fight

Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ) is known as "Da King" of Philippine Cinema. Many of us, I'm sure, can still remember the time he ran for president in 2004 but was defeated and months later passed away without getting a chance to serve the country. 

Now, his daughter vows to continue her father's dream of rebuilding society and leading the nation towards unity and sustainable development. "His goal was addressing the poverty problem," expressed Grace Poe during a recent dinner that commemorated her father's legacy. "He was confident that with our people's support, it was possible to have a country where every Filipino can aspire to, and live, the good life."

I didn't know much about Grace Poe except her being chair of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB). But when I did hear her speak and thoughtfully answer questions while obviously knowing what she was talking about, she gained my respect. 

It was evident by the way Ms. Poe speaks how much she shares her father passion to serve and help the poor. Like FPJ, she said she understands that poverty can break the Filipino family and bring harm to the young generation. Thus, she sees the need to focus on poverty alleviation efforts on the family as a basic social institution. She wants government to take a more active role in helping poor children as our nation depends on the kind of citizens these children will become. I join her in that belief as I also advocate for children's education by supporting worthwhile causes that send children to school and help them develop good values.

Some of the guests during the dinner asked Ms. Poe about her take on current issues and these are what she had to say on some of them:

On the Reproductive Health (RH) bill: "I will always be against abortion but I think the debate on RH bill should continue and be open to discussion. I really think women should have access to the best possible health care, prenatal care, and that they should be given all the support so they can have fulfilling lives."

On Divorce: "I am open to it especially on a ground that women should be protected. The government should open the discussion on this."

On Cybercrime Law: "I agree with the President in most of the issues, but I also agree when he finally said that Cybercrime Law would need certain amendments. Cybercrime is anti-child prostitution and anyti-cybersex. Mabuti naman yun. Nakakatakot lang yung libel talaga [because] really, makukulong ako kasi nag-like ako? Ngayon nga lang ako natututong mag-Twitter, makukulong pa ako."

Although a newcomer to politics, Ms. Poe has been involved in public service through her stint as MTRCB Chair for two years where she reformed the classification system for movies and television, provided institutional support to independent film makers, and brought together government agencies and media organizations to protect the interests of children. Prior to that, she worked at FPJ Productions and Film Archives, Inc.

Grace Poe with her son, Brian
She lived in the United States for a time where she held positions as a teacher, a product liaison officer, and a product manager. Ms. Poe is backed by a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Boston College, USA and two years of Development Studies at UP Manila.

Ms. Poe will be running for senator in 2013 and commits herself to a platform that builds on her father's social covenant on Poverty Alleviation, Opportunities for Children, and Electoral Reforms.

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