Thursday, October 25, 2012

Toby's Sports Launches RSL Diamond X7 Series Badminton Rackets

Many Filipinos love joining bandwagons when something new just became popular. I can still remember years ago when a lot of my friends suddenly became busy with badminton game schedules that it was hard to get hold of them after office hours or during weekends. 

Since that boom in the local scene, the sport of badminton remained popular with true enthusiasts despite the market slimming down when the hype slowly dwindled. Now, the phenomenon has left a niche with serious badminton players who have become well-versed and completely engaged in the game. 

This growing sophistication in terms of knowledge of the sport meant that athletes, who are really into badminton, know the ins and outs of the game including the technology that goes in developing the equipment. They know what they need in order to get that edge over tough competition.

I got to visit Powerplay Badminton Center in Sta. Mesa Heights, Quezon City recently and saw some of the country's top badminton players and coaches in action. There, Toby's Sports, the country's biggest sports retail chain, introduced the latest line of cutting-edge badminton rackets -- the RSL Diamond X Series

RSL is the world's leading badminton equipment provider. They recognize the huge potential of Filipino athletes and supply local players with rackets designed to maximize each individual talent.  Duncan Chau, International Brand Director of D.H. Shuttlecocks Inc. affirmed that RSL is always a step ahead in terms of product evolution. "We are thrilled to introduce the RSL Diamond X Series to the Philippine Badminton Community. The technology and the innovation made on these equipment will definitely highlight the talent of local badminton players."

The Diamond X7 is distinguished for its sophisticated technology. It takes after its predecessors in providing professional badminton players with a superior racket that matches their superior talent. Its well-balanced design enables players to transfer maximum power from the body to the shuttlecock on hard-hitting shots while, at the same time, offers precision technology that allows for fine touches around the net.

Boasting of cutting edge technology, the RSL Diamond X Series has a Super Strong High Tension Frame for stringing that sustains high impact, Diamond Pulse Technology for consistent string tension, Anti Twist Technology for super durable and 'Flex Power' shafts, and Poly-Matrix Carbon for better power transfer and accuracy.

The RSL Diamond X7 racket also has the Weight Positioning System which has 48 weight settings to eliminate all the guesswork for players of all skill levels. This revolutionary technology allows players to improve on different areas of their game -- which means flexibility for the beginner to average player struggling to get his strokes right, and more workability for the advanced player looking for shot-shaping control.

Toby Claudio, President of Toby's Sports, expressed, how ecstatic they are about the unveiling of RSL's Diamond X Series to the local market as the equipment will only serve to improve the level of talent among Filipino badminton players. "This partnership between leading badminton products provider RSL and Toby's Sports aims to provide customers with nothing but the best equipment to complement their best performances."

RSL Badminton has been providing badminton goods that have helped the sport progress in terms of equipment technology since 1928. The brand is known to design rackets and shuttle cocks for all levels thus elevating the sport to greater heights. With their recent designs and innovations, RSL looks to push the boundaries of badminton even more.

*RSL is exclusively available in all Toby's Sports outlets nationwide including its newest outlets in Robinson's Ermita, SM Masinag, and Ayala Harbor Point, Subic. For more information, please log on to or connect with and

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