Sunday, October 14, 2012

Monster Launches New Headphones

Last October 11, music/audio enthusiasts gathered in Opus Restaurant and Lounge at Resorts World Manila for the launching of new Monster Headphones products. 

We got to see a lot of impressive music accessories while worn by stylish personalities who modeled each pair. 

Monster offers a variety of headphones to cater to the different and distinct preferences of its consumers. 

The Diamond Tears (below) is created by multi-talented engineer, songwriter, producer, and actor JYP in collaboration with the technology experts at Monster. These are high-definition on-ear headphones that let you hear your favorite songs just as the artist created them in the studio. SRP P21,000.

The Inspiration (below), which are over-ear, noise canceling headphones. This revolutionary pair can be customized to suit the wearer's style because it has a full line of interchangeable headbands (P1,500 each) that allow the expression of individuality. Inspiration provides crystal-clear highs, powerful deep bass, and incredibly detailed midrange that can bring an entire music library to life with impressive realism and without distortion.  SRP 21,000.

Here are other varieties to choose from. The price ranges are as follows: P3,550 (Harajuku Lovers Super Kawaii), P4,200 (N-ERGY, noise isolating in-ear headphones), P4,250 (Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style), P4,500 (Lil'Jamz), P5,500 (Jamz), P5,650 (Harajuki Lovers Space Age G featuring interchangeable Gwen Bodies), P9,800 (N-TUNE on-ear headphones), P9,900 (turbine - high performance in-ear speakers), P12,000 (iSport - The Althlete's Headphone), and P17,500 (VEKTR DIESEL Noise Division).

Monster headphones are now available in the Philippines and are exclusively distributed by Eleksis Marketing Corporation. For more details, please Like the Eleksis page on Facebook and visit

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