Go Big, Go Munch with Big Munch!

Many of us like to eat in between meals and we do crave for chips every now and then. Aside from potato chips and pretzels, I also enjoy eating corn chips especially when they come in cheese flavor.

So it was with delight when I was given a boxful of Big Munch Corn Chips to try with my family. These products has been recently launched in the market to satisfy the snack cravings of those with big appetites. Personally, I am already okay with the 28g pack but the 110g pack is great for sharing with family members and friends.

Big Munch Corn Chips are available in three flavors. Taste the tortilla chip flavor topped with delicious melted Cheese (my favorite!); get that extraordinary spice from the Black Pepper flavor (hubby's choice); and indulge in the savory flavor of Barbeque in every bite (my sons like this one). 

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* Big Munch is manufactured by Prifood Corporation, known to create new products to meet, serve, and satisfy the various tastes and ever-changing demands of its market. It provides diverse products distributed all over the country and maintains a high level of standard in delivering what Filipinos are looking for.  

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