The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1: Combining Creativity and Productivity in One

Generally, aside from the entertainment aspect, people buy gadgets to either help them express their creativity or become more productive anytime and anywhere they are. To address these needs, Samsung has come up with another product designed to encourage creativity, enable productivity, and facilitate better learning.

Presenting the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 which offers both the power and portability of a notebook PC combined with the creative tools essential to most digital artists. This latest piece of technology boasts of a 1.4GHz Quad Core processor combined with 2GB RAM which makes it a true multi-tasking device. Among its many features that consumers should find delightful include:

> Multi-screen Capability that allows you to split the screen between different apps and programs at the same time. You can do Google searches while writing reports, or keep searched images open while rendering them in caricature.

> Pop Up Play lets you watch videos while doing other tasks on the tablet. The pop-up screen can be sized to user's preferences which makes the multi-tasking experience quite amazing.

> Smart Stay guarantees that the Galaxy Note 10.1 won't go to sleep as long as it senses that your eyes are still on its screen. Wow!

> The accompanying S-Pen makes drawing easier because it is light and thin, pressure sensitive, and pinpoint accurate, giving one the feel and ease of a regular pen. Fashion designer Veejay Floresca showed us how easy it is to do his sketches using this accessory.

> There's also the integration of Shape Match, Word Match, and Formula Match which means you can write and draw while having the Galaxy Note 10.1 make the necessary corrections. No more squiggly lines! In this tablet, digital handwriting will be as clear and precise as if type-written on paper. 

> Do Complete Digital Publishing by choosing from a wide range of pre-made templates or create your own. With the S Note, you can create magazine layouts, webpages, and even video-recorded diaries the way you want them to appear.

> The Adobe Photoshop Touch will make digital artists very happy as the industry-standard in digital image creation is now easily accessible just by using your fingertips.

> And while you experiment with lines and colors, don't forget to sync your creations with Drop Box on the cloud. This online storage has up to 50GB space which you can share with others.

> With AllShare Play & Cast, users can send or stream images, music, and videos to other tablets, laptops, and even TVs. Now ... that ... is .... cool!

Aside from all the already awesome features mentioned above, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is also equipped with a 10.1" screen with crystal clear 1080p Full HD Playback as well as connectivity features such as an ultra-fast HSPA+ data speed and WiFi Channel Bonding technology (allowing for double WiFi speeds) that will make going online faster than ever before.

As Samsung says, you now have everything you need to put your ideas into action. With the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, get inspired by the tablet that was inspired by you.

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