Thursday, September 20, 2012

PBB Winner Myrtle Sarrosa Stands Out with New Colognes Called Lolita

I'm familiar with Cosplay but I didn't know that there's also a fashion trend called Lolita. Apparently, this is very popular in Japan and the way I understand it is that it basically means dressing up any way you want to for you to stand out in a crowd.

Yesterday, Beauty Elements Ventures incorporated (BEVi), makers of Kojie San, launched six new scents created under the brand Lolita. Unanimously chosen by the company to endorse the new cologne sprays is Myrtle Sarrosa, Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 4's winner and a Lolita fashion aficionado.

In the press con held at 55 Events Place in Quezon City hosted by model Janeena Chan, Myrtle expressed her gratitude for being chosen to be the face of Lolita. "It's such an honor na ako ang pinili nila," says the pretty 17-year-old who adds that she loves using all the variants. "Every scent stands out and can cater to different moods."

At the moment, Filipinos have yet to catch on the Lolita fashion trend. Thus, Myrtle encourages, "Kahit sa scent muna, mag-stand out na ang mga tao."

Paul Chuapoco, Co-Chair/Managing Director of PMP Communications Co. which handles press relations for BEVi, admits that Myrtle is the company's first and only choice. "Beyond what you see physically, matalino si Myrtle," he praises. "Never kumuha ng artista ang company. Myrtle is the first. We broke the mold by getting a celebrity endorser.

He further reveals that the Lolita colognes contain 5 percent fragrance concentrate unlike others that usually have 2 to 3 percent. "We're using the most expensive alcohol being used in a fragrance so you won't need to spray a lot."

Myrtle's charming personality and quick wit are said to go hand-in-hand with the many playful sides she is known for. Aimed to capture the hearts of young girls everywhere, Lolita's scents vary from floral to fruity and everything in between. 

The pretty endorser further affirms that there is a Lolita for every kind of girl and every kind of personality. In fact, there is a Lolita scent for Myrtle’s every whim: audaciously floral with CALI, fresh and breezy with FANTASY, delicately warm with CHICK, tutti frutti with FAIRY, flirty femme with ROUGE, and simply saccharine with her favorite, COSPINK.

Lolita spray colognes come in fun, handy bottles that are color-coded to make it easy to distinguish each scent. Here are more detailed descriptions of each:

The CALI girl is fun and adventurous, always taking risks and daring to be different. Yet deep down, she is also a true girly-girl with a love for alluring floral scents that bring out her audacious feminine side.

CHICK starts off with a delicately sweet whiff and settles into a warm scent reminiscent of rich, velvety baby powder. Just a few sprays and you’ll have delectably lasting fragrance for hours.

A romantic fragrance all around, COSPINK will surely captivate your heart. Its dreamy blend of floral notes is part sweet, part flirty – and completely girly. A true pinkaholic’s dream!

Looking for the sweetest fruity scent to top off your look? FAIRY takes you to the next level with its sugary scent sure to leave people whiffing for more. Simply delicious!

This fresh and airy fragrance will leave you daydreaming about an endless summer filled with beach adventures and cool breezes. FANTASY’s light citrus notes simply make for the best tropical scent!

For the playful, outgoing girl – ROUGE is your perfect scent. Paint the town red in this classic flirty fragrance that will surely make a lasting impression.

Lolita is available in all Watsons, Mercury Drug, Robinsons Supermarket and Department Stores nationwide 

* Can't get enough of Myrtle? View more photos from the press launch here.

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