Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NGC's Doomsday Preppers: How Some People Prepare to Survive the End of the World

I am not easily scared by predictions. I usually take things one day at a time. In terms of planning, what I do prepare for would have to be my kids' tuition fees and my, and my husband's retirement. Whenever I see TV shows or movies about the end of the world, I'm not overly affected nor get worried that it would happen in real life.

This is not so with some families and individuals who take predictions seriously! I got a chance to watch the preview of National Geographic Channel's new series called Doomsday Preppers and was really amazed at how far some people would go to ensure their safety and protect their properties IN CASE something bad really happens to shake all of us out of our comfort zones.

Prepper livestock farm
Sure there are those who speculate on the idea of doomsday, whether it would happen through natural means -- massive solar flares, continents overthrown by water, or killer earthquakes -- or man-made disasters like a global economic meltdown, nuclear accident, or worldwide pandemic. The films alone are frightening. But there are people who actually prepare for the end of the world and go to extreme measures using various preparation styles and approaches.

Weekend getaway bunker style
Watch NGC's series and see for yourself how young and old doomsday preppers train themselves to face the worst. View their lifestyle, subculture, and drastic preparations. I think you will be as amazed as I was by what you will see.

For instance, there's this couple whose house look like a food warehouse. The wife believes that the day will come when supermarkets become obsolete and you can't buy food anymore even if you have the money. It's amazing how she preserves food to last for months and years. I learned from her that eggs coated with mineral oil won't spoil for a long time. She even served 8-month-old eggs during a gathering with her neighbors and the guests said they were delicious! Stay tuned for that part when she and her husband explain why they learned Tagalog which they consider a rare language :)

Greenhouse converted  from swimming pool
You'll also get to "meet" a man who delegates tasks and got his whole family to learn special skills so they would all withstand a worldwide financial collapse. Then there's a lady who teaches fellow females how to do quick-draw shooting and hand-to-hand combat so they can protect themselves when lawlessness become rampant after the economy collapses. 

House made out of shipping containers
In each episode, a group of expert, long-time apocalypse planners called  Practical Preppers, who share their knowledge through teaching, training, and consulting, review the progress of the preppers' survival plans, assess their logistic and contingency plans, rate their overall preparedness, and analyze their chances of survival. 

We were told there would be more interesting stories as each succeeding episode airs. I definitely would want to watch those because, even though I am not as passionate about doomsday as the featured people are, it does help to learn new things that may help save one's life in the future.

Decide for yourself whether the preppers you'll meet are practical or paranoid. Catch NGC's Doomsday Preppers premiering on Monday, September 17, at 9PM.

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