Thursday, July 26, 2012

Discover 24 Ways to Eat Crab at Red Crab Alimango House

I know several people who get allergies when they eat seafood especially shrimp, clams, and crab. I really feel sad for them because they don't get to enjoy the great tastes of these jewels from the sea.

If you are a crab lover like me, you will definitely enjoy eating at Red Crab Alimango House! Recently, my foodie friends and I were invited to discover 24 ways of enjoying crabs in Lucky Chinatown Mall, Binondo. It was a particularly rainy night which made it a bit hard to travel. We arrived more than an hour late for dinner but the trip was really worth it.

Although we were served all 24 dishes, I didn't get to taste all of them because some are quite spicy while others didn't make it to our end of the very long table. Still, those I did get to try were all delicious!

The first dish I tried was very familiar. It has lots of crunchy garlic bits on top and which is named Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter Crab. I've had it several times in Crustasia (food review here) and Clawdaddy (reviews here, here, and here) before and remains one of my favorites.

I like the soup of the Crab Sinigang sa Sampalok but unfortunately didn't get to try the crab meat.

Then there were these Chinese Salted Egg Crabs with a kind of coating that I think you'd also like to peel off and eat before delving into the juicy goodness of the meat.

I don't remember what the Szechuan (a way of cooking) crabs look like but I can definitely recall that I like its slightly sweet sauce. If you are also not fond of spicy foods, this one should not be confused with the Sichuan (a province in China) crabs which might light your lips and tongue on fire.

The Crabs with Salted Egg is a winner. I was almost tempted to ask for fried rice to go with it. It reminds me of a hearty breakfast and, given a chance, I would gladly eat this dish for breakfast one of these days, if possible.

When I'm not at home and don't need to rush from one chore to another, I tend to be a slow eater so I could savor my food more. That's also one of the reasons why I didn't get to taste everything served on the table. I also opted this time not to stand up and take a photo every time a new dish comes out of the kitchen because my hands have become really messy. So I borrowed some of the photos I used here from my friends Alex, Ryan, Myke, and Cathie who were more diligent than I was in taking pictures that night :p

To know the verdicts on the other dishes, I encourage you to read other food bloggers' review of 24K Ways to Enjoy Your Red Crabs. You can find a lot of links at Red Crab's Facebook page.

If you're wondering about the prices, here they are:

Middleweight Crabs P145 / 100g (500-700g)
Big Crabs P155 / 100g (800-900g)
King Crabs P165 / 100g (1kg-up)
Female Crabs P165 / 100 (all sizes)

Edit, August 1: Check out the buffet offerings at Red Crab Greenbelt 3 this whole month! :)

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