Monday, July 16, 2012

Couleurs La Femme Celebrates Choices for "Femme Power"

A new Filipina is on the rise and, with it, the desire to live her life according to her terms and the choices she wants to make. I am a firm believer of that being an advocate of reproductive health.

Last week, I attended an event filled with color and creative expressions as Couleurs La Femme, its healthcare partners, and members of the media came together to celebrate the brand's product line that offers Filipino women choices for the lives they desire. The memorable night was held in One Esplanade's chic and contemporary interiors.

Beauty, Balance, Vitality, and Freedom. These themes were represented by vibrant colors alongside  graceful performances by Airdance and around a dozen lovely models who worked the runway in eye-catching and color-matched outfits. Do visit this photo album to see more of the photos I took during the event and feast your eyes on everything you will see there.

Ms. Ludy Geraldes, Marketing Representative for Couleurs La Femme said they created the line of oral contraceptive pills with the modern Filipina in mind, "knowing that more Filipinas these days want to savor the very best that life can offer while balancing the demands of their families and careers. Couleurs La Femme is for the woman who doesn't just have a life, but has a lifestyle."

Cynosure, an all-Filipino pharmaceutical company that focuses on  women's health and wellness, specially formulated Couleurs La Femme to help women achieve beauty, balance, vitality, and freedom.

"What we are celebrating is more than just options for women; today, we are celebrating the rise of the new Filipina -- a woman who can take on the world with equal amounts of determination, vivaciousness, and joie de vivre," announced Geraldes.

Further infusing Couleurs La Femme's bold statement were bright splashes of color and movement not only from the fashion show and dance movements by Airdance, but also foot-tapping music from The Bloom Brothers whose music made a lot of guests sing, and even dance, along.

"Tonight is all about celebrating beauty, balance, vitality, and freedom -- about raising our glass to the Filipina who wants to have it all, simply because she can."

*Couleurs La Femme is available in Mercury Drug, Watson's branches, and selected drugstores. However, it is recommended that women see their gynecologist or healthcare provider first for more information before taking any medication.

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