Monday, July 02, 2012

Black Canyon Coffee is Now in the Philippines!

It's very seldom that I get invites to events in the South area (my turf!) so I readily agreed to attend a recent food event in SM Southmall because it's just two rides away from our village. I was so glad I came because I found several of the food and drinks at Black Canyon Coffee superb!

As a backgrounder, BCC is one of the most successful names in Thailand when it comes to coffee and dining. It made a name from its concept of being a full-service casual dining coffee place where customers not only can find a wide range of specialty coffee drinks and beverages, but also a diverse selection of delicious and healthy Thai and International dishes.

Dining at BCC was quite an experience. My taste buds were exercised thoroughly from the burst of flavors I got to taste. We ordered drinks from the colorful menu first and I chose the Red Bean Green Tea Frappe. I fell in love at first sip. It tasted really good and the texture the red bean bits provided nicely complemented the flavor of the green tea.

Red Bean Green Tea Frappe - P125.00
We were served various dishes and there were two specific ones that I would probably order from BCC again and again on future visits.

Tom Yum Goong - P192.00, Green Curry - P168.00
Although I'm not very fond of spicy foods, I like soups that taste sour. So, despite the slight burning sensation on my tongue and throat, I couldn't seem to stop sipping spoonfuls of the Tom Yum Soup! I just made sure I had two glasses of water beside me. On the other hand, I couldn't stand the spices on the Chicken Green Curry Soup because it's waaaay hotter in the mouth! I'm sure though that people who have a penchant for really spicy dishes would love that one.

Salmon Salad - P188.00
The Grilled Black Pepper Salmon Salad was very flavorful. I didn't get to taste the Pork Strip with Sesame Seeds though so I can't say anything about the taste but it looked really good.

Pork Strips - P178.00
Among the dishes served to us, I have to admit I was quite disappointed with the Tiger Prawns with Tamarind Sauce. I found the breading too thick and a bit bland while the sauce was too sour for my taste. But that's just me. I'd bet there are other patrons of the restaurant who like it.

The Pad Thai, however, is very flavorful! I like it as much as I liked the Tom Yum soup. Both dishes, by the way, garnered prestigious culinary awards in Thailand! I'd definitely other those two again, along with the red bean green tea frappe, the next time I'm in BCC. 

Pad Thai - P168.00
I forgot to write down the names of the desserts served to us but the one I got was a perfect ending to a very good meal.

I'd surely visit again and bring my family to BCC soon because I'd love to try the other numerous offerings in the menu. They're not kidding when they said they have a wide range of food and drinks as customers can take their pick from Asian-fusion soups, pastas, steaks, noodles, salads, sandwiches, and various rice dishes. We were assured that what they serve here in the Philippines taste the same as in the Thailand branches because BCC prides itself on its very strict and consistent measurements of ingredients for every dish to preserve food quality.

Indulge in any of Black Canyon Coffee's 24 specialty coffee drinks and 40 special beverages. I heard that the Black Canyon Iced Coffee, a special blend of pure Arabica coffee with two kinds of milk and plenty of ice, is very popular with customers.

At present, BCC has over 220 branches in Thailand, not counting yet their other branches scattered all over Asia. According to Mrs. Wilma Dy, President of Royal Thai Food Philippines Inc., the success of the brand has always been hinged on its unique formula of food quality, food variety, location, and concept. Thus, she and Mr. Pravit Chitnarapong, CEO of Black Canyon Thailand Co. Ltd., recognized an opportunity to bring BCC to the Philippines to cater to Filipinos and our culture where food enjoyment is a big part of.

I was quite surprised when I got to peek at the menu because the prices are very reasonable given the large portions served to customers. Now that's great value for money!

Black Canyon Coffee is located at the Food Strip of SM Southmall in Las Pinas City. For more information, like their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter, or email

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