Sennheiser Opens Flagship Store in Manila

Music lovers and those who have high quality audio needs would be happy to know that audio specialist Sennheiser has just launched its first concert store in the Philippines last June 13. The establishment is located on the 3rd floor of V-Mall in Greenhills, San Juan.

Since V-Mall is one of the top destinations for consumers looking for the latest gadgets and for audio aficionados who seem to be always seeking the best ear/headphones, it's the perfect location for Sennheiser's flagship store in Manila. This was made possible through collaborations with its Philippine retailer (Digits Trading) and official Philippine consumer distributor (Iontech).

If you're not familiar with the brand, Sennheiser is known for its top quality audio products and for innovative German technology. The first store is part of the company's strategy to provide an experiential showcase to consumers and to expand to the rest of Asia to maintain its position as a leader in sound innovation and quality.

In a celebration held at Seventh High's Apex Lounge in Bonifacio Global City the night of the opening, Sennheiser Asia's President and Managing Director Ng Chee Soon shared the event's significance. "We have always recognized that the Philippines is a market with great potential in the electro-acoustics category, and we are delighted to have finally been able to create this immersive sound experience for Sennheiser fans." He added that the launching of the flagship store was doubly momentous because it coincided with Sennheiser's 20th year in the Asian market.

Now serving as a gateway into the world of high quality headphones, Sennheiser's concept store welcomes customers daily from 10AM to 8PM and showcases the entire range of their products including travel, sports, home entertainment, communication (mobile, PC, gaming) street, audiophile, and the DJ lines. Audiophiles can now find high-end audio solutions under one roof and choose headphones they specifically need while experiencing Sennheiser's high quality sound.

Sennheiser believes users of their products know the finest things in life and, with today's consumers becoming more discerning as information is made more readily available, the brand promises to continue providing audio solutions that match or surpass peoples' expectations.

I can easily believe that because I have these beautiful Sennheiser headphones and I can attest that this is one of the music gadgets I have which is not only comfortable to wear, but also provide excellent sound quality. Whenever I have these over my ears, the sounds all around me literally, and I mean literally, fade away. I can listen to my favorite songs in peace without hearing anything else. It's just funny how sometimes my husband has to wave his hands in front of my face just to get my attention. It usually turns out that I haven't been hearing what he's saying even though he was already talking to me for the past few minutes LOL!

If you want to experience being cocooned in your own musically-enveloped world, get yourself Sennheiser headphones. I think you'll love them as much as I do! :)

To know more about the company, please visit or like their official page on Facebook.

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